🦋 Blue Morpho Butterfly And A Moth On The Street 🦋 Pararmaribo, Suriname

in Fascinating Insects • 28 days ago


Hi there again these are beautiful pictures of a blue morpho butterfly and a moth, but they are dead. I took these photos a long time ago but I forgot to post them.

I love blue morpho butterflies so much, I was so lucky to see them before in Sabana Park, they are absolutely beautiful in the forest park. That time I feel very surprised by them.




This moth I saw deadd already on the street when I get my two daughters from school.



The blue morpho is my friend's in Suriname, they said it’s from Sabana Park. They know I love butterflies, they said when we go Sabana again they'll catch one for me.

But I don’t want to do like that. I love it but I love it has life and I want to see them have full freedom. Then I happy to see them from far, this is my happiness in my heart ❤️.


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Monkey B



Oh, I know those moths... We have them in Mexico. They are huge! The local people call them paloma de muerte or dove of the dead. I don't have to tell you, it's not a dove as it's not a bird, but an insect, however the local lore associates them with the departed.

You may have heard, November 1-2 are the Days of the Dead, which is a huge celebration in Mexico. People set up an altar at home, to honor their dead family members. My wife and I do that sometimes too, but not every year. Last time we had an altar, one of these moths came inside and sat down on the wall right above our altar! This year another one came in a week ago, and died on the kitchen shelf. Now I feel we really should make an altar this year. There will be a post about it, for sure.

Oh, I never know about that, thank you very much for this information.

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