HIVE OPEN MIC WEEK #108 "lonely" by Justin bieber "cover" by @darlingtony

in Hive Open Mic7 months ago

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Hello buddies how are you doing today with the theme of the week "undisclosed words" I picked the song lonely by Justin bieber

I feel being lonely can't be disclosed to everyone sometime we need that one special person by our side to gain confidence , comfort etc during trying times

Everybody knows my name now
But somethin' 'bout it still feels strange
Like lookin' in a mirror, tryna steady yourself
And seein' somebody else

And everything is not the same now
It feels like all our lives have changed
Maybe when I'm older, it'll all calm down
But it's killin' me now

What if you had it all
But nobody to call?
Maybe then you'd know me
'Cause I've had everything
But no one's listening
And that's just lonely

I'm so lonely

Everybody knows my past now
Like my house was always made of glass
And maybe that's the price you pay
For the money and fame at an early age

And everybody saw me sick
And it felt like no one gave
They criticized the things I did as an idiot kid

What if you had it all
But nobody to call?
Maybe then you'd know me
'Cause I've had everything
But no one's listening
And that's just lonely

I'm so lonely
I'm so lonely

special thanks to @iyedrums ,@starstrings01 and @obaro for their continuous support


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This is a good song for this week, thank you for your entry


It's my pleasure 😊

Esta canción siempre me ha encantado y te felicito por tan hermosa interpretación.

muchas gracias... Sentí que era la mejor manera de interpretar el tema de la semana gracias por tu encantador comentario

Awwwwn... You got me emotional🤧. This is beautiful😍😍

Lol thanks dear

Great cover.




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Thanks alot

Bro your voice is wonderful. I like your performance. Keeps going on

I think this song is superb, and you carry it well. I like your falsetto singing. I think the keyboard accompanies you an a good way too. Lots to admire here. It's cool of you to jump in and join us in the Hive Open Mic event this week. Thanks for sharing your musical gifts.