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Hello Hive Open Mic Week #149. My name is @jesus-son and I make this entry in respect of the community's weekly event with the theme of week being 'Light of the world as suggested by @jessicaossom. It is a nice theme that gives room for very easy selection of songs to make cover of or even do original since light is something common and many musicians sing around the theme.

Talking about the theme ',light of the world', I am going to be reflecting on it base on the talents we all have as God's creatures. God made man and upon every man, He bestowed unique gifts for his own edification and salvation and that of his neighbors.

The gifts or talents we possess as individuals are lights that should be burning very brightly every moment for the world to see. God expects us to utilise our potentials to the full and thus be productive in our lives.

Just as @rulejazmingarcia talked about the intensity of the light in her post, I also wish to buttress that point by saying that we need to be very watchful of how much brightly we are shining as lights in the world. God is the light of the world truly but He shines to the world through us. Therefore let us be mindful and endeavour to shine always.


I shall be doing a cover of the Christian hymn titled 'Send the light'. It is a song that calls on God to send His light upon the world for there are many souls to save.

I chose this song because of its great implications in our lives as God's people. Unless God unleashes that light upon us, we can do nothing. Therefore, we call on God to send the light and more specifically, the blessed gospel light. With this, it is obvious that God remains the chief protagonist in this theme, then we are subordinates. But let's do our part and God will always be faithful to His.

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I will be singing and playing my keyboard. I hope you enjoy this and derive some meaning from it. God bless you

Send the light

  1. There's a call comes ringing o'er the restless wave, "Send the light! Send the light"
    There are souls to rescue, there are souls to save,
    Send the light!
    Send the light!

Send the light, the blessed gospel light;
Let it shine from shore to shore!
Send the light the blessed gospel light;
Let it shine forevermore!

  1. Let us pray that grace may ev'rywhere abound, "Send the light! Send the light!"
    And a Christ-like spirit ev'rywhere be found,
    Send the light!
    Send the light!


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hola Hive Open Mic Week #149. Mi nombre es @jesus-son y hago esta entrada con respecto al evento semanal de la comunidad con el tema de la semana 'La luz del mundo como lo sugiere @jessicaossom. Es un buen tema que da lugar a una selección muy fácil de canciones para hacer versiones o incluso originales, ya que la luz es algo común y muchos músicos cantan alrededor del tema.

Hablando del tema 'luz del mundo', voy a estar reflexionando en base a los talentos que todos tenemos como criaturas de Dios. Dios hizo al hombre ya cada hombre otorgó dones únicos para su propia efificación y salvación y la de sus prójimos.

Los dones o talentos que poseemos como individuos son luces que deberían estar ardiendo muy intensamente en todo momento para que el mundo las vea. Dios espera que utilicemos nuestro potencial al máximo y así seamos productivos en nuestras vidas.

Así como @rulejazmingarcia habló sobre la intensidad de la luz en su publicación, también deseo reforzar ese punto diciendo que debemos estar muy atentos a cuánto brillamos como luces en el mundo. Dios es verdaderamente la luz del mundo, pero Él brilla para el mundo a través de nosotros. Por lo tanto, seamos conscientes y esforcémonos por brillar siempre.

Estaré haciendo una versión del himno cristiano titulado 'Send the light'. Es un canto que pide a Dios que envíe su luz al mundo porque hay muchas almas que salvar.

Escogí esta canción por sus grandes implicaciones en nuestra vida como pueblo de Dios. A menos que Dios desate esa luz sobre nosotros, no podemos hacer nada. Por lo tanto, hacemos un llamado a Dios para que envíe la luz y, más específicamente, la bendita luz del evangelio. Con esto, es obvio que Dios sigue siendo el principal protagonista de este tema, entonces nosotros somos subordinados. Pero hagamos nuestra parte y Dios siempre será fiel a la Suya.

Estaré cantando y tocando mi teclado. Espero que disfruten esto y obtengan algún significado de él. Dios lo bendiga

Envía la luz

  1. Hay una llamada que suena sobre la ola inquieta, "¡Envía la luz! ¡Envía la luz!"
    Hay almas que rescatar, hay almas que salvar,
    ¡Envía la luz!
    ¡Envía la luz!

Envía la luz, la bendita luz del evangelio;
¡Que brille de orilla a orilla!
Envía la luz la bendita luz del evangelio;
¡Que brille para siempre!

  1. Oremos para que la gracia abunde en todas partes, "¡Envía la luz! ¡Envía la luz!"
    Y un espíritu como el de Cristo en todas partes se encuentra,
    ¡Envía la luz!
    ¡Envía la luz!

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Thank so much @hivebuzz

Awesome job @jesus-son! Keep pushing yourself and you'll reach your Hive goals before you know it.

Thank you so much @hivebuzz . I am flattered by this comment. God bless your efforts too

Dear friend! What a pleasure it is to read this kind of publications, the depth to which you reached, you were able to transmit it to me in each word. Undoubtedly, any of us who come to your publication will feel that strength that emits in each of your words and just as you sang, you did it with so much understanding. Thank you for making us remember how valuable we are and to be attentive to keep our light active in every step we take in life.

It is an encouraging act you have put up here dear and I really admire it and appreciate it. Thanks for the time and words. Blessings

Amazing word you have done dear brother. You are doing perfectly well and I'm so proud of you man. Cheers 🥂

Thank you so much elder states man
You are a true model. Cheers too

Congratulations on your presentation of the week brother.... It turned out great for you! 😎

Thanks man
I really appreciate your constant effort to visit me

Lovely! You always put a smile on my face...
Great harmonies and playing; I wish I could master the keyboard like you..
Well done, my friend! 👏

You have an amazing skill on the guitar, I also admire it. Thanks for stopping by. God bless you

It´s true, like you say, @jesus-son: "God is the light of the world truly but He shines to the world through us. ". With another words: The works of God are done by men of God Inglés

We must not "bury" our talents but put them at the service of the world.
On the other hand, here you present us with a very good musical work, as an instrumentalist, as a singer, with the edition that you made of the video to be able to sing a duet with yourself. I loved. Thank you very much for sharing your talent. A thousand blessings and successes for you

Thank you very much friend. I am glad you quite agree that our talents are lights in the world and must not be buried
Stay cool ma, God bless you


Thank you too for the great platform to perform

So relaxing music for god and all of us thank you!

Thanks for watching

Hey Victor! You are worth gold for our community. Thank you so much for the passion that characterizes you, especially this week where you have given so much love to the participants. This work is amazing, just like your soul. Bravo for your weekly masterpieces...

Thank so much Jesus. I am really grateful for your encouragements. God bless you

Nicely done. Great harmonies and inventive keyboard playing.

I am grateful you stopped by and dropped this encouraging comment. God bless you. I will always do my best

Hermano de verdad te felicito! Has mostrado mucha habilidad en diversos géneros musicales. Saludos

Thank you so much @melor9 . You are a great musician

Estimado amigo @jesus-son excelente entrada, aquí podemos ver todo tu potencial artístico en el teclado, tu voz y en el coro. Sin duda alguno Dios te premio con los dones que te dió amigo. Me encantó todo aquí desde tu escrito, interpretación, acompañamiento, voces, y montaje de tu vídeo👏👏👏👏🤗🥰, un gran abrazo🙏💯🎹🎤🌏🔥💖❤️🧡💞

Dear friend @jesus-they are an excellent entry, here we can see all your artistic potential on the keyboard, your voice and in the choir. Without a doubt, God rewarded you with the gifts that he gave you, my friend. I loved everything here from your writing, interpretation, accompaniment, voices, and editing of your video👏👏👏👏🤗 , a big hug🙏💯🎹🎤🌏🔥💖❤️🧡💞

Thank you so much ma.
I am glad you liked what I did. God bless you

Wow!! Amazing song and voice. More grace 👍

Thanks dear

You are welcome

Great Jam and great harmonies too brother!

Thank you so much friend. I am glad you liked it

Hi, I must really confess, this is a beautiful rendition here and also the write up, it's really beautiful, well-done!

Thanks so much @oyinwrites . You are an inspiration to me. I really appreciate you

Your presentation is an excellent one. Your skill on the keyboard is amazing. I pray God's light continue to shine upon you. Keep up the good work friend. God bless

Thank you so much for your encouraging words, i am happy you liked it

Nice mix dear!

I enjoyed your performance.. Only you na choir oo😅☺️🥰

Thanks dear, you too much

You're welcome 🤗

These hymns bring back sweet and lovely memories, your great voice with your skill on the instrument give me s a perfect blend, well done bro

Thanks a lot Tobi, have a great day