HIVE OPEN MIC WEEK 178, People by minister wallay

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Hello Hive Open Mic community and my fellow music singers!

It's another week with a beautiful theme, and I'm happy to be here once again to share the song composed by me for the selected theme: People by our spotlight artist:@benii.

Title: “People” - A Captivating Song Reflecting the Human behavior or attitude
It is a song I composed myself, inspired myself, and it was beautiful after singing the song.
“People” explores the complex web of human emotions, connections, and experiences in a compassionate and thought-provoking way. This song strikes a chord with listeners from all walks of life because of its moving lyrics and entrancing music.

The song introduces the idea of people and their varied backgrounds in the first stanza. It highlights the similarities among our common challenges, joys, and goals, emphasizing how universal human existence is. The song's lyrics vividly depict the human experience and encourage listeners to consider their lives. We should all know the that we are all created in the image of God and try to see ourselves as the same
The song conveys a potent message about how intertwined all of humanity is. It serves as a reminder that despite our differences, we are all travelling along the same path and experiencing the highs and lows of life together. This section's melodic arrangement inspires a sense of cohesion and camaraderie.
Interpersonal relationships, expanding on the concepts presented in the first verse. It examines the complexities of friendship, love, and the tensions that inevitably result from human interactions. The lyrics promote compassion for one another by urging listeners to embrace empathy and understanding.
It encourages people to reflect on their responsibilities in the expansive human story and provides a pause for contemplation.

“People” portrays perfectly the essence of the human experience. It entices listeners to consider their life, interpersonal relationships, and humanity's interconnection with its moving words and captivating music. This song inspires us to appreciate our common experiences and strive for empathy and understanding in our relationships with others by conveying the idea of oneness to all people.
Let's start treating ourselves as one whether we are black or white ,we are all created in the image of God.

Thank you for listening

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Lovely presentation
Well-done 👏

I suggest you don't use the teamuk tag as it is not relevant to your posts. It is for people in the UK. It's better to get votes from people than bots.

Ok sir

We're one, the earlier we understand this, the better.
We need one another to survive.
Nice song.

Thank you ssom much

Minister Wallay wowing us as always. Well done sir. We are one 💪

Thank you so much

You have a wonderful voice, I really enjoyed listening to you.

Thank you so much

This song took my mind back to when the times of slavery was.

Well, I don't want to talk much but I know some blacks still hold a grudge about that though. My heart still aches when I recall some tragic events I see on TV but currently I believe that irrespective of the skin color or anything, WE ARE ONE.

Thanks for sharing

Thank you so much , I appreciate

Nice presentation dear keep it up sir

Thank you so much tife

United we stand! despite our colours we are one.

Nice presentation 👍

That is true , thank you so much for stopping by

You have passed a good message through this song @wallay ..

We are one and part of one great big family..

And yes, wa will stand and conquer if stay united..
We must love and cherish one another because no one of us is Self sufficient.
We need each other.

Good presentation @wallay..
Much love ❤️

Thank you so much for stopping by

This is beautiful 🤩. Weldone brother

Thank you for stopping by

U and Treasure need to enter the studio as soon as possible, Do not limit this talent here.

Thank you so much

Hola, estimado amigo @wallay, es sumamente difícil cantar sin acompañamiento instrumental y mantener la afinación. Tú lo logras y tu voz es muy agradable. Me gustó mucho escucharte, además seleccionaste una canción muy hermosa con muy bello contenido. Gracias por compartir. Dios siga manifestando sus bendiciones en tu vida. Éxito en el evento.

Hello dear friend @wallay, it is extremely difficult to sing without instrumental accompaniment and stay in tune. You do it and your voice is very nice. I really liked listening to you, you also selected a very beautiful song with very important content. Thanks for sharing. God continue to manifest His blessings in your life. Success in the event.

Amen sir

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Hey dear I love this presentation. 👏👏 you doing well

Thank you so much

This is a nice presentation. More wisdom