The gubernatorial elections are here

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Today is Saturday the 18th of March, the day set for the 2023 gubernatorial elections and the State House of assembly, in just a few hours, the elections will get underway and voters will cast their votes accordingly, I am sure that this time, the right choice for the people will be declared winner, as everyone has made their minds to support who they feel should be elected.

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I was waiting for this day to come, and I am glad that in a few hours people will not be thinking of anything like elections anymore. From the day the gubernatorial elections were postponed, it bothers a lot of person's business, ceremonies and others families gathering.

Looking out of the room now, I am seeing people going out to the primary school where the elections will be held, in today's elections, the State House of assembly and gubernatorial elections is being held all over the country Nigeria, that is to say on May 27th, all the newly elected people would be sworn into office to start conducting the affairs of the government.

The truth is that with all these elections taking place and some being cancelled to be held at another time, it is preventing the country, Nigeria, from moving forward, because the present government administration would not focus and just as the citizens of the country would also not relax their minds, so from this day onwards, things would be put in place for the betterment of all Nigerians.

Elections are a fair game, it is like a gamble where you compete and win or fail. Failing in an election does not mean you are not a good person, it only means that it was not yet your time to lead the people of that particular geographical area, state or country. Being in power comes with the acceptance that the people will stand by you and give you their full support to move forward.

But most of these leaders tend to forget about their supporters (the people) who voted them into these offices and start seeing the office as their birthright, that is why most of the time, we hear people saying that a particular leader is corrupt or is not paying attention to the people since he/she was voted in.

Let's wait and see the results of today's elections.