Sneak Peak at the New Pro-Style Sound-Proof Vocal Booth - What I Have Been Manifesting

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New Year's Resolutions? Intentions for 2021? I am WAY ahead of the curve on that this year as I started planning and acquiring the tools I need for a severe studio upgrade months before the new year began. As a result - I have my professional sound proof vocal booth completely built only just over two weeks into January. We are applying the texture to the drywall tomorrow and should be painting primer by evening.


I also picked up some top of the line beat making hardware, as well as some new outboard vocal tracking hardware, built a brand new PC with the assistance of a professional to really dial it in for the type of audio production I am crafting with, and loaded up with an arsenal of top notch plugins, emulators, VSTs, and sound libraries to compliment the hardware... oh and I also now own not only ProTools 12... but also Abelton 10 Standard.


Expect a lot of posts about all this once I finish building in about a week. I have been recording a treasure trove of media throughout the whole process to share soon. The reason I have been absent from Hive (and other platforms) lately is due to the fact that I am seriously stepping up my media output game... may even have a podcast in the works with my buddy Jedi. You know it must be REAL good if @ELAmental has been away this long. Self Owned Souls collective and Power of Truth album still otw. Check the video for some vitality.


Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental.


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Stay tuned - into the right frequencies


Click here to hear my single: Shift the Focus on Soundcloud from my upcoming album: Power of Truth

(Link to new album title claim)

@ELAmental's debut album The Hex Wrecker is completely free for download on Bandcamp & Soundcloud (click the links to go to my music on those platforms), or CLICK HERE for download instructions.


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Good to have you back. You were surely missed. I hope all is fine in the good 'ol 33rd State. Despite the recent ramped up rituals from the elite.

Yea bro things maybe crazy but I have never been more equipped to manifest my dreams.. this work in progress is almost complete... Looking forward to showing off the results. Good to hear from you too! How are you holding up down there @flauwy?

I am now in Germany and it is absolute insanity over here. The only good thing and main reason why we stay here is that is way easier to make a living and be financially stable. But I hope crypto is doing well for us and we can return to nature by the end of the year. We'll see...

Great to hear from you Brother and to see you! so excited to see the progress you have made and can't wait to hear you test out that new equipment. Here's to Doors indeed. Much love xxxxx

The past couple years have been a tough road to travel but feeling myself rise above the nonsense with a redefined sense of purpose in priceless. Life isn't always daisies and rainbows but I'm about to help some stars shine brighter! How are you doing in these times @trucklife-family ?

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