Unbalanced - Life In Suriname ⚖️ 2 Years And Still Unable To Adapt 🙅‍♂️

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     In this video I discuss how our life has been unbalanced by the powers that be for too many years. It all started with visa and work permit problems, then we closed our Ital restaurant, found out we couldn't get legally married in Cambodia, then were briefly separated by bureaucracy until we could reunite and fly to Ecuador in hopes of getting a legal marriage.

     Turns out it was the perfect storm, and our Ecuadorian immigration lawyer screwed us, then we fled to avoid overstaying our visas, landing in Suriname on tourist e-visas which we overstayed and were granted a sort of amnesty visa that many Haitians and Cubans have acquired here.

     Here in Suriname we've struggled to adapt to the local way of life, but we find the life here unbalanced, from the diet to the social conditions, transport, food costs, and so much more. Unable to ride this global downturn out in familiar territory such as Cambodia or the USA (COVID-19 visa restrictions and other issues), we are forced to go through it here alone where we don't even have the luxury of having a community and support network like the Cubans, Haitians, Guyanese, and Brazilians do.

     The locals here have to time to socialize, but yet always seem to be home, and mostly not working, and somehow this is a relatively wealthy country. It all still makes no sense to me, and I miss the transparency of Cambodia, where most of the country just hustles their living from home, whether it be selling coconuts and phone cards or sharpening knives and repairing shoes.

     I used to enjoy hundreds of 5 to 10 long minute social interactions every week with various people in Cambodia, and nothing was ever rushed. I always made time for chit-chat with my coconut dealer, my leafy greens lady, the propane man, and pretty much anyone I would physically meet face-to-face on a daily basis. Oh how I long for this way of life again.

     In Suriname it all feels impossible because everyone is on the other side of a windshield, a door, a gate, a curtain, or some other barrier to social interaction. I walked the streets every day here for over a year, didn't even have money for a bicycle, and I didn't make one friend or social acquaintance, and for me that is reason enough to leave this place behind.

     It's not all doom and gloom though, hope is on the horizon, and we may have a chance at a life in Albania, a place I lived for nearly half a year once upon a time. It's somewhat familiar territory, and a new e-visa means there's a way for my Cambodian family to go there now. I had a very balanced life there, and it remains a goal for us to manifest.

Bless up, more time.....


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I just watched your video and I hear you. Different place, same story. It sucks being stuck in a place where you feel not comfortable. I understand your wife. Tell her she shouldn't give up even though I know exactly how hard it is to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The concept of borders, boundaries and governments telling you what to do and what not is outdated to me. It is one planet, mother nature didn't draw imaginary borders on the planet. And no one should hinder anyone from going somewhere else...I don't get it. Visas, passports...make one passport for the entire world declaring one is human and can go wherever he likes on this planet.

Not saying one shouldn't follow certain social rules for a peaceful living.

Also the outdated concept of marriage. Why can't you just be together and that is it?

If something would happen to José here in Germany I wouldn't get notified and the other way around. Because we are not married I would not be allowed to visit him in hospital or get notified in case of emergency. I don't understand why. We are together because we choose to, that should be enough.

If anyone of us would end up in hospital because of corona neither one of us would know. We wouldn't see the other again without knowing what happened. That is just not right these days.

Ahhh I could go on and on..but in the end I just wanted to let you know that I understand your situation and I feel with you. Hang in there!

All this red tape is what we call "civilized" too, always found that ironic. I am definitely an ethical person, but I don't hesitate to break any laws I find unethical, of course after weighing the chances of getting caught. I just wish we could have 4 matching passports and documents to show we are a legit family, and hopefully we can make this happen before the girls turn 18.

It's crazy how all these things affect everything from insurance to who you can see in the hospital, or who can transit what airport, all ridiculous to me. Thanks for joining in on my rant, I feel less crazy now. I also feel your mutual frustration, but I can also feel the positive vibes and love too. If all goes well we'll be in Albania before long.


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I keep my fingers crossed for you guys and you are def not crazy.

And if you ever feel like ranting...https://peakd.com/c/hive-196233/created here is a great place to do so...little niche but fun and healing to just get stuff of your chest once in a while 😁

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I find it unbelievable the struggles that have come about starting with not being able to get married in Cambodia (I don't understand how government could have controls over a personal part of your life.) Glad there is new hopes on the horizon for you and your family for a better life in Albania - hope it manifests soon!

Give thanks!! I remember when we thought we'd simply go to Ecuador for a couple of months then come back to Cambodia, find an apartment, repurchase all our former possessions, and reopen our restaurant. It certainly was a perfect storm, and nothing we hoped would happen manifested.

Our daughters see nation-state borders, visas, and passports as evil things that control our lives, and this didn't come from me teaching them to think like this. They've personally experienced some of the most disrespectful behavior human beings have to offer, and this has only heightened their empathy and consciousness. I hope Albania's still in the cards when we are free to move. !ENGAGE 30


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Oh Justin, what a beautiful and heartfelt story. You are truly living a life that STRIVES for balance and just hasn't found it quite yet. I know you will - and Albania sounds amazing. xx Our hearts are with you as your thoughts fly ahead to a new home.

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Remembering that even make-believe is a manifestation, all of you collectively envisioning our successful relocation to Albania could very well be thing that makes it possible and manifested.


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This might catch me the wrath of @theycallmedan, but do you happen to post these vlogs to Youtube? I can't stream 3Speak video way up here in the arctic circle because the lowest quality they offer is 480p.

You mentioned something about streaming problems once before I think, and this made me realize, yes, there is no 360p option, or even 240p which many of us have to use in developing countries, or in your case, the Arctic. Hmmm...this is certainly something 3Speak should add in future updates, because I'm sure you're not the only one with this problem.

We thought about YouTube once, but I love to do things proper, and I just don't have time to put in the proper efforts it requires in addition to my Hive efforts.


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This ( often unbalanced ) Libra wishes you and your family a more balanced life soon. Keep using your feelers and you'll get there, sooner rather than later!

Big hug

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Well, I know you are going to take a short Hive detox or perhaps already are, so hope that brings you some balance over there. Might be in Europe soon if things work out like we hope.


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