Chocolate Mousse

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Hi Hivers. How are you?

Sharing with you my dessert. After a busy day, I stopped by a little cafe my friend recommended.
It had relaxing music and the dessert I chose was lovely.

The chocolate mousse was topped with crushed, crunchy cookies. The combination of textures and flavors arose my taste buds. The strawberries seemed freshly picked.

It was a great end to a busy day.


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That looks so damn good!

I would take one look at it and say...

"I know I shouldn't but I MUST!"

I will send my postal address and the next time you go there you can send me one too, it seems fair, right? 😂

Haha!! I agree... I don't even usually have a sweet tooth but when I saw it... all of that changed. Lol!😂
Who told them to add that fresh strawberry... oh my. Lol
I'd have to wrap yours properly to make sure all remains in tact when it gets to you. 😂