Creepy Apple

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Hi Hivers. How are you?

Some time ago, I got the idea to design a
red and white “polka-dot apple”. I wasn’t sure how it would have worked out but I was so excited to try.

I washed the apple and used a small baller to create the dots. I basically inverted the balls and then placed them in the slots.
As soon as I finished, it just gave me a creepy feeling. I got goose pimples. It looked like things were oozing from the apple. I snapped it and quickly removed the balls. Interestingly enough, I had no problem eating them. Hehe!

Hoping this doesn’t creep you out.


I like your creepy apple !

At first I thought you had actually stuffed melon balls in the holes you made in the apple.

It's a bit like a work of art.

Thank you. I like your perspective. Melon balls would work well too.😃
I think next time I'd make the balls a bit flatter.😆
Thanks for stopping by. 🎶🎶