Heart-Melon or Melon-Heart

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Happy Valentine’s Day Hivers.
I know, it’s not summer but I think this heart-shaped watermelon is cute and quite fitting for the theme of love around this time of year.

So, I saw this melon at a fruit shop in Kobe, Japan. It would grab any one’s attention. Immediately I started thinking about getting some nice heart-shaped slices of watermelon. I looked at the price and I was like, “Wait, those slices won’t go down whole, I’ll still have to bite it in small pieces”.😆

I think just two were available at the time and they had information on the farmer that produced them. Kudos to him and his creativity.
I kindly asked the clerk if I could take a pic of it. She said “Yes” and that that I did.

Spread some love this week.Make
someone’s day. 💗💗💗💗


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Thank you.

These are like super expensive right ?

Yes sir! You're looking at Ichi man there. A pic was all I could take. I wonder if it tastes different. Lol! Quite creative though.

I don't they taste any different 😂 certainly would affect your pocket differently

Lol!!😂😂😂Mi seh! Mi start step back when mi si di price.

Wow, how did they grow it. Maybe, I can grow it too someday.

I like your thinking. I'm not sure how they did it. Maybe they used a heart-shaped mould. I'd love to grow some of those too. 😃

That's too cute !

It's really cute. 😃Thanks for stopping by.