Mini-date with the “Mister”- Donut

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Occasionally I make a little stop by the donut shop. Some months ago, I met and had a mini-date with the mascot of my favorite donut. We took a few photos together. The name of my favorite is “Pon-De-Ring”. It’s made with mochi (made from rice flour). It’s soft, not too sweet and can be easily broken into balls that are bite-sized. After your first bite, it does leave you wondering and pon-de-ring how it could be so delicious.


Interestingly, the name of the shop is “Mister Donut”. It is said to be the largest donut chain in Japan and the first store was opened in Osaka in the 1970’s. I wouldn’t say I have a sweet tooth but with all due respect, it’s worthwhile stopping by the Mister from time to time for a treat. Japan is known for it’s anime culture but it also has a big mascot culture. It has forty-seven (47) prefectures and I believe there’s a mascot for each. In addition to that, there are mascots for sports teams and products. So, I wasn’t surprised to see a donut mascot.


This particular time I stopped by the shop, I grabbed donuts for the family. I had to try hard to convince my younger son to wait until we got home to eat them.
I was successful at doing that but interestingly, after dinner, we were all full and ended up having the donuts the following morning instead. Pardon me if the donuts look a bit sleepy. We prefer them fresh from the shop but the taste was just as good. We certainly woke them up. We had two pon-de-rings, two filled with custard and one with chocolate.
Breakfast preparation was easy. Everyone literally just grabbed a donut but not before allowing me to take some shots for Peakd. Haha!




Huzzy and I had our donuts with warm lemongrass tea. It’s a family favorite that reminds me a bit of my childhood days. In the mornings, I’d go to the front or back yard to grab or cut herbs for tea. I always liked lemongrass. I love the smell of it and it boasts several health benefits which include lowering the risk of cancer, detoxifying the body, relieving pain, reducing stress and promoting sleep.

What’s your favorite herb?

What’s your favorite donut and what do you like to pair it with?


Ok. The best thing about your post is the mascot hehe, next to it provokes to go eat donuts. I had never thought about what my favorite herb is, but almost all of them I mix with lemon, so we agree. And well, I love all donuts, but chocolate is essential in the ones I prefer. Thanks for sharing this post and for visiting my video, have a great day!...

Haha! The mascot got me right?
Yea, herbs and lemon make a refreshing drink. I love a combination as well. Donuts are lovely treats.
😃Thanks too for stopping by.

Oh how cute. Lol

Me or the mascot? lol!


Please make up your mind. Either or…😂😆

I really love the smell of mint.
We also have lemongrass in the yard, but don't use it as much 🙈 and only used for preparing meals. I should actually try putting it in drinks. Do you have a recipe for us?

I really love mint as well! It has such a refreshing smell. There are quite a few varieties too eh. You know I’ve only made lemongrass as tea🙈. I just cut a few pieces, wash them, pour boiling water on and let it steep for a bit. I usually add a teaspoon of honey or a little sugar per cup.
I’ve had it in Thai food but have never tried cooking with it. Sorry to turn the table but please share with me one of your recipes. Lol!

Sorry to turn the table but please share with me one of your recipes. Lol!

hahahaa no problem, whenever I'll make my famous soup (also known as soto ayam in Indonesia) again, I'll be sure to share it.

I think @rarej has already prepared meals with it and I think he put a stalk of the lemongrass in the fish when he steamed it. Together with some lime. I'll have to look for the post on his page.

Thanks for the tea recipe 😊.

😃I’ll look out for it, both the soup recipe and @rarej’s fish recipe.
Feels like I have scared much but you’re welcome. 😂😃

Found posts about the soup. I don't think I posted anything about the fish. Pictures are still in my gallery somewhere.

That's the #dashoutsunday one about Saoto (the soup)

And this post was one of my first posts about it, as it's my favorite dish.

Oh my! I shouldn’t have checked those posts out. Now I really want some. The soup looks real good. I see it’s definitely your favorite. 😀You have several photos. It looks real flavorful and delicious. I could taste it from the photos. Thanks to you and your special Saoto Chef @tanjakolader. Hehe. I love the little tie of the lemongrass as well. Nothing like some good chicken soup. @bearmol we must try it one day. Hopefully we can get the garlic right. I have a strong feeling that @bearmol will be the one to work on that part. Lol!

I have a strong feeling that @bearmol will be the one to work on that part.

The "sous chef" huh 🤭🤣🤣.

I love the little tie of the lemongrass as well.

I've seen it being done on multiple occasions at people's party's, who had more experience with this soup, so I've adopted it 😅.

Hope to see a post about it after you've tried it ☺️.

😂😆Haha re sous chef. Yes but he’s executive chef at times.
Here, I just get pieces and bits of lemon on grass. I’d have to tape or paste them all together to make such a cute knot. 😂😂😂
Yea, I really want to try it.

Let us know how it turns out! 😁

Will do. Is that chocolate scorpion pepper a sweet recipe? Lol!
Sounds real hot. Any pepper will do, right?😃

I think you took the pictures of the fish with my phone... and also though you had already posted about it...

"Pon-De-Ring” sound real Jamaican LOL!

My favorite at Mr. Donut is the angel cream, I like to have it with coffee but never do for some reason.
You know seeing this made me think that these companies aught to reward people for promoting them brand, cause you know who feel like going to Mr. Donut now?

I will pick up some lemon grass at the mall as well:)

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😂🤣For real, sounds Jamaican. A nuh inna-di-ring, a Pon-De-ring. Lol!!!One of my boys love the angel cream too. Haha! They probably would reward us with the mascot costume. 😂😂
Remember to pick up two a de ring with the angel cream. Where do you get lemongrass? I got mine at Jupiter.
Thanks for the re-blog. 😃