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While relaxing in my hammock, enjoying a much needed break from deadlines, I took the time to take everything in: the breath of fresh air, the mostly greenery, the sounds of the jungle and the laughter of family and friends in the background. As my prying eyes are prone to catching details - that maybe wouldn't stand out by most and sometimes to the annoyment of those in my party - my gaze fell upon this rather little life cycle.

There's the tall old tree with shrubs that have been prey to - probably mostly - ants and other bugs near, and on that trunk of the old tree there's a little life force not native to the tree. Though it's not an unusual sight in Suriname, I started wondering if the little one will eventually be able to co-exist without any problem with the tree it has "landed" upon.

And on that little plant, under its leaves, a small bug has made it it's home, which marks that anything and everything is home or food to another being if you'll only pay attention to it. Something that I don't often do, because I let myself get distracted by devices when at home, but that's when in the outdoors I try to make it a habit to disconnect from those distractions.

How about you? Caught anything interesting lately when disconnecting from devices and/or distractions? Let me know in the comments below 🤓.

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