Vibes Web 3 Music competition. Week #6. Cover of "Love Me First" by @glowie.

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Hello to you all, I still remain @glowie. I am glad that we're heading on with our Amazing entries. For this Week #6 in this community, I did a cover of a song by a former popular musician who switched to singing Gospel Music. Chidinma is her Name. She has sang lots of songs but I did a cover of one which is "Love Me first". I was surprised that it was a Gospel song.

When I first heard about the song, I was like, what!, cause it's so beautiful especially the wordings of the song.

In this world where lots of things are happening around people and people are surviving based on how they can strive to. Truth be told it's not been easy, especially here in the Nigerian economy, but we should know that each and everyone that God created for come first no matter what.

God is seeing us through and he's helping us to strive through. I decided to go a cover of this do I can cease the opportunity to let us know that God has always put us first and he will never leave us alone. All we have to do is just to trust him and believe in him for it.

Here is the link to my video on X source

Hope this meets you lovelies 😚.

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The joy you transmit when singing this song goes beyond the screen and straight to my heart. A beautiful song and interpreted in a great way. I congratulate you.