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RE: Strawberry Love ❣️❣️ 🍓🍓❣️❣️

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Strawberries are great, aren't they? Bit like EDS 😁

I bought six this summer and they are taking over the garden! Every so often I trim the runners, but they make them faster than I'm checking.

I boil our tap water and let it cool before I use it to water plants (or to drink). I tried a filter but the tea tasted awful afterwards 😂

 2 months ago (edited)

Nice EDS reference. They truly keep on giving.

I honestly never thought I had to boil tap water until now. I hope I haven't been slowly destroying the plants and myself.

I have to check with @missaj and @dmilliz. Gents do you boil your tap water or use water filters?

In the UK, you don't have to boil tap water - it is guaranteed as drinking water here - but I prefer the taste. For plants, boiling removes some elements like calcium (this depends on the geology where your drinking water comes from, we have a lot of chalk substrate here) and that helps to prevent mineral deposits on the plant pots. I don't think deposits are harmful and you may prefer the look of them (weathered).

I have a feeling that the pH of rain water is often different to tap water. In the UK, rain water is often softer and tap water harder.

gardening know-how: tap water vs rain water

 2 months ago (edited)

Thanks for sharing the link. It was an interesting read. Interestingly enough even here and in Jamaica we drink water from the tap and water plant with the same water. It was only after noticing the look of the plants after a shower of rain that the thought ran across my mind.!ALIVE

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