Harry the Lamb 🐏 Friendship Bracelets 📿 & Garbage Fires 🔥🚮

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Today in Paramaribo, Suriname, our day was filled with crafts, mammal to mammal bonding, and toxic clouds of dioxin gas from a good old-fashioned garbage fire.

Monkey-B Learns From Big Sister 👩‍🏭


     I came outside today for a break from the computer via some hammock time, and I found Monkey-B tooling away on a friendship bracelet. Apparently she picked up this skill through watching big sister, and she had set out to make one on her own.



     She was in a deep meditative state, so I didn't interrupt or communicate with her. Somehow she figured out that putting a needle through the couch cushion would be a good holder for the bracelet while she worked on it.



     Her technique was spot-on, the only problem being that she forgot to take the needle out of the cushion, and later @sreypov received a jab while taking a seat 🛋️💉.

🤗 Hugs With Harry The Lamb 🐏


     No day is ever complete without a visit from Harry the lamb, who now enters our apartment every day looking for his favorite playmate Monkey-B. After tasting banana chips for the first time this afternoon, he launched himself onto @sreypov's lap with a mighty hop. He's a golden retriever trapped in a lamb's body, much gentler and more inquisitive than the previous lamb, Hero.



     Harry's dad is "Gigantorballs," at least that's what I call him, and he is the most aggro ram on the block, ready to stomp or headbutt anything not holding grass that dare comes within range of his staked tie-out perimeter. I can only imagine how much of a psychopath I'd be if my testicle to body ratio were the same proportions as Gigantorballs.


     Despite having a Dad with rage issues, Harry seems to have chosen nurture over nature, with Monkey-B playing the largest role in domesticating this cute little guy.


     Monkey-B hugs Harry as if he was own private teddy bear, often carrying him all over the yard like a rag doll, and yet he seems a willing participant.

🚮 When Life Gives You Garbage Fires 🔥...


     I almost forgot to mention why we came to visit Harry instead of letting him come to us, and that would be the huge garbage fire that we found burning this morning next to our apartment. We were suffering from headaches because we were perfectly downwind, unaware, and with all the windows open.


     Even though we are standing at the fire in these pictures we were actually upwind, so it was much better than staying in the apartment. I did notice a pressurized tank of some kind, perhaps freon, and with flames approaching it, I didn't want to be near the fire garbage fire anymore.


     Well, that pretty much sums up today folks. I hope you felt like part of today's adventures while reading this post.


     To be continued...

Monkey B



This made me laugh...lol
How long would it take for Harry to become his father? GB jr :)

It's looking like about two weeks left of kind Harry, then he'll be a full-on sexual predator just like his Dad.

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You and Monkey-b have a lot of fun! I hope our family have a nice day.

Monkey-B and I love our mini-adventures, and she always reminds me how fun it is to take a walk.

that is certainly dangerous standing next to the fire with the tank is around it.
it can go kaboom anytime without a warning.

if you are having that proportion of balls, I believe you can only lay down and not be able to move around. lol

Yeah, I ran like the wind when I saw that tank, no sense in staying around to find out. Gigantorballs is absolutely unphased by garbage fires, but he does walk a little funny due to his disability, or ability, not sure which one it is.

How cute she really does have a loving touch for animals 👍

I can't believe how she has bonded with this one and the previous, she's definitely an animal lover.

Animals do sense people of good nature and she has definitely got that 👍

She is so cute and talented, I would love to learn how to make a friendship bracelet but I am so lazy, she looks so focused.

She's much smarter than me when it comes to this kind of thing. I can't believe how quickly she learned from her big sister.

She clearly has you as an amazing role model. I once tried learning from my sister and after the threats, I gave up 😆

My brother was the same way with me.

So awful.

I hope you have informed someone that can properly dispose of this pressurized tank.

I am pretty sure the landlord is the one that put it there, so I just have to mind my own business to stay in this relatively cheap place to live. I am surprised people burn trash and do things like this in such a developed country, but Suriname is full of dichotomies like this.

Your daughter looks very happy, she really likes the goat.

They are the best of friends, so cute together.

Yeah, it's very visible from their behavior.

I really laughed when I read about Gigantorballs and saw his photo but danng they are really huge.

Monkey B did a great job with the bracelet and I love their photos with Harry the Lamb

Thank tank soo scary, I'm glad that you noticed it before anything happens.

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Thanks for stopping by. Gigangtorballs is a special creature with a bit too much testosterone and rage, so that's why he has to be staked far away from Harry and Mom. I didn't hear any explosions that afternoon, so I'm assuming the tank is punctured, but what a shame to waste valuable materials like that.

You're welcome. I hope that he would never hurt anyone with his testosterone and rage.

I'm glad that there was no explosion, but that's really true that it's a shame to waste those materials. Anyway, may you have a wonderful Friday.

Hahhahaha.. I was reading half way.. and there I saw the huge words.. giant balls... Hahaha . I had to stop and see those giant balls.

Gigantorballs is a sight to behold. I think he has a good heart, but his raging testosterone prevents him from being a loving creature.

oooo he's not loving? Hi Hi Justin.. unfortunately.. for males.. the thinking part sometimes come from testosterone rather than the brain.. =)

Happy life

@justinparke! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @naythan.

Did you know Pizzabot speaks Spanish if you use the command ESPIZZA? (5/10)

There is always an adventure of some sort in the backyard.