Last Moments With The Family In Paramaribo 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Silliness to Stave Off The Sadness

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Although not currently in Suriname, I still have some moments I want to share before I manage to catch up to real-time with my posts.

Cleaning 🧹


     My posts are now a few days behind real-time, but I'll try to catch up over the next 7 days. I am now in the USA and the family is safe and sound in Cambodia. Now that you all know that, here is how we spent our last day together before heading to the airport. The $225 security deposit was vital to get back, so we cleaned as much as we could.

Cooking 👩‍🍳


     Because I was staying a few days after my family, it was a little easier for them to have comfort until they left. @sreypov had enough time to make one last meal for us all to share together. Food is life, and as a fellow chef, my wife is already sending me pictures of the joy she is experiencing eating a wide variety of things back in Cambodia.

Downloading 👩‍💻


     Before the @kidsisters left, I completely unlocked their screentime, and downloaded some new apps to keep them entertained during flight. Srey-Yuu is particularly interested in piano, so she was excited to get a piano app, the next best thing I guess.


     My daughters and I are all podcast lovers, and I am glad I imparted this trait on them. Listening is an important skill to develop, and I think podcasts in particular have really helped their English language skills to develop rapidly.

Get Stupid Dad 🤪


     Monkey-B and I share a certain fondness for all things ridiculous and silly, so I made sure to share some of these moments with her before leaving. Even though she looks completely irritated with me, I can usually convert this to hysterical laughter with enough persistance.


     See, there it is, I harvested some laughs with little to no effort. For me, there is nothing more sacred than moments laughing hysterically with my family. Money can not buy moments like these, and I can't wait to be back with them again making more laughs.

     By the way, thanks to you ASEAN Hivers for being patient and understanding with the sporadic curation posts and other things I've been slacking on. I'll be caught up soon.


Monkey B

I'm happy to hear your family touched down safely in Cambodia, and Monkey B was very brave handling that test. (saw in the last post, just commenting here on it catching up.)

I had to read back a couple of weeks to get a picture of the full scope of what you are facing with being able to see your family. I missed that post previously and have a hard time keeping up with everyone but I do my best.

I know all too well of the 60 hour a week grind and barely getting by in the USA, contrary to the belief of many that we are all living like kings here, and the truth could not be any further from this, for a great deal many of us.

To have to plead with the embassy to reside with your family when you're a human being dwelling on this planet who does no harm to anyone is just heart breaking to me and exemplifies more of what is wrong with this world.

I hope that you have a safe place to stay in the United States and are not being forced to reside in a homeless shelter man.. I'm willing to bet they are all packed like sardines right now and am plenty familiar with that life as well.

You obtain an intelligent mind and good communication skills from what I have gathered, and as someone else @mers suggested, it may be wise to obtain a lawyer if you can. I would simply not take no as an answer. You have documented proof on the blockchain of both your family, and your intellectual capacity, and ultimately your life... Who's to say you can't be with your family?

I find this all pretty upsetting to see you divided from your family because of imaginary lines and restrictive visas.

For me to ever leave the US would pretty much take an act of congress, which is not an exaggeration, for things that happened years ago. I tried to get a passport and gave up on it after being told I would need to undergo a criminal investigation when I had committed no crimes.

Kind of seems like we're all being treated as prisoners, and I for one, having served my country honorably, no longer believe in government and am a self proclaimed anarchist who believes in self governance and ultimately the removal of all governments.

Why? Well.. situations like yours, families torn apart and unjust treatment towards good citizens like yourself.

Things will work out for you and your family. You have an entire blockchain of people who you can summon to vouch for you, and we're good with the pen, best believe!

Peace be with you, stay strong brother!

Give thanks for these words, I am truly honored to receive them.

In some ways, our attempted US immigration was seemingly the most rational path out of Suriname, but now that Cambodia is a bit more receptive to hosting me than my country is to hosting my Cambodian family. So, at this point, we honestly don't want to immigrate to the US anymore, but because we've already paid all the fees, we'd still like to pursue it just to have it an as option, or even just visit for two weeks.

Our case was denied for lots of reasons, mostly my lack of address in the USA and my lack of an income 125% of poverty for a family of 4. Of course when you've been stranded abroad for three years, you aren't exactly living above the American poverty level. Basically what the government wants me to do is abandon the family and put it in one or two years of manual labor at 60-70 hours a week, which would probably just barely put me above that poverty line.

The biggest problem is that is the life I was fleeing when I escaped to Cambodia in 2010, so it seems foolish to attempt the life again that has never ever worked for me. I can't blame you for being an anarchist, not sure if would technically be labeled one or not. I don't believe in a necessary overthrow of governments, but I'd at least like to have the right not to participate in their world, but that's impossible now that the world has already been divided like a pizza.

I'm already learning to keep my mouth shut about these issues, especially in southern Indiana. Someone made a comment about the Mexicans crossing the border "so easily," so why can't we, etc. I tried to explain the reason they cross illegally is because they would suffer my family's fate if they tried to do things the "right way" like I did. The conversation ended when I said " I wouldn't wish the US immigration process on my worst enemy."

It's almost unfathomable to many people how easily and peacefully government could be abolished worldwide.

I like to envision humanity being fed up with this slavery monetary based system we are trapped in and all agree to no longer partake in anything involving money, contracts, corporate, and government jobs. Move to a barter based system and completely replace money with crypto currency, ignoring all governmental demands for KYC and taxation, etc. There wouldn't even be any governmental workers left to enforce laws at this point anyway.

This would dismantle the system in a matter of hours. The stock market would crash immediately, there would be no government gunslingers to enforce (because they would not be going to work!)

And all that would be left of the "governments" would be a bunch of corrupt politicians fleeing to their hideouts to avoid the gallows.

This wouldn't be super easy of course, and things such as food production, electricity, importation/exportation of necessary goods would still be very much needed, and would need immediate restructuring and people willing to step up to the plate and potentially work with no slave based monetary pay, but I'm sure the common good could work it out and those willing to make sacrifice would be taken care of.

Same goes for the fears of people looting, robbing, raping, murdering. There are more good people on the planet than bad people, and the common good would quickly work out the "problems".

Law in many capacities promotes people to do vile things, because a law based punishment is oftentimes much less worse than a lawless communities justice for vile/inhumane acts. Law tends to protect some of the worst people who do the worst things, which is a pretty lengthy topic of discussion, but I've witnessed it first hand in the justice system of NY.

The biggest problem we face in all of this , is the polarization of peoples beliefs and perception to inadvertently support the global banking corporate law based slavery system, and we've reached a point where people will become hostile and even violent to protect their programmed beliefs. Truly believing that the beliefs they harbor are their own true thoughts and critical thinking skills, while oblivious to the strings that their puppet masters pull over their daily perception through life.

I see non compliance in a peaceful manner to be a great exemplification of what it means to be an anarchist, and really it's just another politically based label. I just don't believe in this system anymore, because I see it as an evil slavery based control system, where the people are controlled by the banks and corporations.

I think we share a very common perspective of just peacefully dwelling on the planet untied to the binds that shackle us to this nightmare of a system.

I don't blame people for being nervous to express their opinions and beliefs anymore. I also wish I had a great outlook on the situation we're facing, but quite frankly I think it looks pretty grim.

Yay! 🤗
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What you describe reminds me of life in the Cambodian countryside, too far from banks for cash to be very useful, too far from the government to be micromanaged, and too poor for any entity to come in and regulate what they are doing. And would you imagine the Cambodian countryside is a lovely place, because it is.

I totally agree with your sentiments, but we just have to wait for humans locked in to stupidity to wake up. Your comment leaves me thinking of Jacques Fresco and Eugene Debs, two fine Americans that worked hard to flesh out some of things you've highlighted. Eugene Debs lived only an hour from me in Indiana, only person ever to run for president from federal prison, I think you'd like his story.

Yay! 🤗
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Thanks @davidke20 and @ecency 🤗

Hola te saludo desde Venezuela.
Me alegra saber que esta usted muy pendiente de su familia, algo que es sagrado.
Bueno saber que se pueda comunicar con ellos gracias a la tecnología.
Yo soy pianista, con gusto le enseñaría algunas canciones en este instrumento.
Me alegra leer que sus hijas puedan aprender ingles, al mismo tiempo que se este desarrollando en el mundo de los podcasts.
También pude leer que usted tiene buen sentido de el humor, cosas que es esencial en la familia, para que crezcan amando, y tambien en un futuro puedan recordar el hogar donde crecieron, felicidades por eso.
Una vez mas felicidades, por hacer de su familia algo importante, y colocarla por encima de cualquier cosa como el dinero.
Éxitos en todo lo que haga.

Hello, I greet you from Venezuela.
I am glad to know that you are very attentive to your family, something that is sacred.
Good to know that you can communicate with them thanks to technology.
I'm glad to read that your daughters are learning English, as well as developing in the world of podcasts.
I am a pianist, I would be happy to teach you some songs on this instrument.
I could also read that you have a good sense of humour, which is essential in a family, so that they grow up loving, and also in the future they can remember the home they grew up in, congratulations for that
Once again congratulations, for making your family important, and placing it above anything like money.
Success in everything you do.

Those are kind words, I am grateful. Our sense of humor has got us through many hard times, and it continues to serve us well. Do you ever post about piano playing or publish 3Speak piano videos? The @kidsisters would be excited to see that.

hahhaa.. it's great to see an ending post to what happened before your family left Suriname.. Srey-Yuu looks quite grown up already in her jeans and shirt. I guess, that time when your family arrived in Suriname, she would have been much more smaller. Time flies.

The little dreadlock in your bread is pretty cool. ahhaha.. That's the first time I see it. I am not sure what to call it. Great to know that your family has finally left Suriname. and are happy... =)

Srey-Yuu has grown so fast, and continues to grow, so I hate missing even a week from her life. I have to keep my beard like that because I'm used to riding motorcycles and working with machinery, so I'm scared to have my beard flying all over the place because I feel it will eventually get caught in some kind of tool. The good part of all of this is seeing my family eating a wide variety of fruits and veg again, they'll have their health back soon.

Hahaha.. that's a really cool way to keep the beard... It made me smile seeing your beard... What machinery are you usually working on? I read your wife's post and she looks really happy back in Cambodia. It will be a matter of time before you will join them. Missing makes the heart fonder and increases the family bond when you see them in person again. Sometimes, kids grow too fast . But well, they have to grow up for the world to move forward. So I guess the one thing to do is to cherish every single moment and not have any grudges with anyone or waste time unnecessarily. I can imagine how much time a person waste just by being angry at another person for a whole day. 24 hours gone.

I don't work on too much machinery these days since Hive took over my life, but I used to work in a machine shop in the USA, a farm, detailing cars, and in Cambodia the restaurant and motorcycle repairs were all good reasons to manage the dreadlocks and beard.

Good point about the anger, even I relearn this lesson several times a year still to this day.

Money can not buy moments like these, and I can't wait to be back with them again making more laughs.

Those moments are priceless and glad to read you are all safe and well. Hope you'll be reunited soon with your family.

Podcasts are great for when you want to listen to some serious topics or want to learn other's perspectives, while doing something else. I would like to try out audiobooks as well, but the only problem with that is that I'll have to pause it and it's the starting from where I left off is what I seem to find difficult.

I love podcasts because I can work while listening, but movies/TV shows require full attention, and my night-time activity is Hive, so TV just doesn't fit into the picture. I re-start podcasts frequently, I totally understand.

I re-start podcasts frequently, I totally understand.

Hahaha precisely...

..., but movies/TV shows require full attention, and my night-time activity is Hive, so TV just doesn't fit into the picture.

Depends on what movies/tv-shows. Because I know those are very time consuming, I "watch" old(er) tv-series that I had watched some episodes from, so that I don't have to watch those with all of my attention. I can even do something else in the kitchen or whatever and just listen to the characters in the background. But when it comes to newer series/movies or ones I haven't seen, then I do have to reserve time for those.

Your truly right with that Money can't buy the happiness and everything that you've shared together. Just be patient, sooner or later you will be reunited with your family in Cambodia. Keep safe always.

Thank you, all of you Hivers have kept me positive and hopeful through this difficult and trying time.

Your welcome. And always.remember we are here.

My husband always do that to my children. He do a lot of stuff to make us laugh. and He never fails every time. We always ended up with a good laugh even with some simple stuff.

I am the King of Embarrassing Humor in our house, but luckily my family entertains my childish sense of humor. I think your husband I would get along very well 🤪.

Hahaha for sure they will support you all the way with the humor. :D and Yes you will get along well with my husband. He never runs our of funny ideas. lol

Omg sir I noticed that you have a fair skin 🤩 how do you keep it that way? When I get older things I wish is see their laughter more, if possible I would recorded it for memory 😊

My skin is a result of vikings pillaging Europe for centuries. Red hair and blue eyes is the least common form of human, so I like to think of myself as a unicorn in some sense of the word 😁.

So you had quality time before they flew. Yes, money can not but happiness only be found with family.

Podcast? I'm not totally a fan of that but I think it's good. By the way, you'll be with your family before Christmas, right?

Anyway, I'm happy for you and your family that finally going home.

If things go perfectly, I'll be in Cambodia before Christmas, something my American family isn't happy about me skipping. I tried to explain I have a small chance at a long-term visa if I arrive before 20222, so I have to strike while the iron is hot. I hope we are together again soon.

It's finally happening. I am sure those smiles will be just as big if not bigger when you are all reunited in Cambodia. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.

Definitely gonna be like we won the lottery when we are together again. An immigration official in Phnom Penh told us that my best chance to return would be to call the Cambodian Embassy in D.C. and sweet-talk them into letting me return due to my family, my knowledge of the Khmer language, etc. This person said the Embassy can overlook a sponsorship letter and labor contract and give me a business visa regardless if they take a liking to me, so right now this is my best bet.

Im sorry they separated you. That’s fucked up.

We are starting to get used to this unfortunately. It seems we'll never be able to focus on living life like normal families as long as we are distracted by constant visa and immigration issues. The world sucks, and I hope WWIII is one where citizens of the world fight all bureaucrats and border-believers for the right to have an open world with freedom of movement, ideas, and people.

always healthy for his family, hopefully brother's work can be finished quickly and can gather again with family

I hope I can find a legal door for me back to Cambodia too, my family needs me.

I hope to read you soon !!!

Cambodian content is on the horizon...

What happend to you My friend? 😁

What a happy family.

Sometimes I just get a little silly, it can't be stopped 🤪.

Even I will do silly stuff. 😂😂

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Me too, it's crazy in this world that we have to ask governments for the right to be together. I would prefer a world where the governments of the world have to ask us for permission to separate us, and we could simply reply "no you may not." That would be a better balance of power.

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