I passed the Hive Torch to Dmilliz

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Hi there Hive Torch Community,

first of all Thank You @stayoutoftherz for
putting that trust in me. Like they would say
in Austria..."ur-leiwant"=awesome (oder wie schreibt man das😉?)

From Berlin-Germany to Japan

I passed the torch with the 210th count to my
Jamaican Brother from another mother😜... @dmilliz , who is living in Japan.
I trust him because we both love Jamaica, connect in the Reggaejahm
community and we already did a song together.

All the best for the Hive Torch to reach the 333 counts and more...!

1 Love to the Hive Bees 😊

Hive Torch.png

Count 210: From Luca1777 to Dmilliz

Bitcoin Times new.jpeg


 13 days ago 

Bless up Luca! I saw the transfer notification and was wondering if it was a late xmas present 😁. I shall keep the torch moving bro! Respect for the trust and collaboration bro!

You done know, mi Bredda, Love & Light & Prosperity!
Respect all di time 🤜
Music Promo & Production will pick up in 2021 😉