The Garden That Spoke...

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It’s my busiest day of the week.
I must start the day by letting myself know that, “I’m going to make it through”.
As I get things done, I feel lighter, I feel better.

On my way to do some errands, I see a cute little street-side garden.
I hear my name and I respond:

Me: Yes, beautiful little garden.

Garden: Why don’t you spend a little time here? I’m here to add joy to your day.

Me: You’re right. I feel better already.

Garden: Have you checked out everything here? Please do!

Me: Your wish is my command. Lol!


I meet Promise. Promise promises to bloom beautifully.
I walk a bit further, I see Gem. Gem is partially hidden but oh so beautiful.
I continue waking and see the Sunshine siblings. They are so radiant.
I then see Hope. Hope is a bit down but is wishing for the best.

Me: Garden, it’s really lovely here. I wish I could stay longer but I must go.

Garden: I understand. It’s great seeing you. I know you’re often busy but please remember to...

...Stop and Smell the Flowers.

Me: Thanks. I’ll remember that. I’ll share it with my friends. Great meeting you Promise, Gem, Sunshine and Hope. Your place is lovely.

Garden: Please come again.

Me: Will do. 😃


Wonder what I’d do if a garden spoke to me like that.

The garden would have captivated you. 😃

My garden can't speak to me at the moment because pretty much everything is dead. 😂

Our single rose is just putting out new growth but our window boxes and other pots need replanting.

It's lovely to see your roses. We have to wait a couple of months for ours. 😊

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😃Thanks for stopping by.
😂I guess your garden will speak in a few months. Now is the the time for you to speak to it. Maybe it can’t respond, but it might hear. 😂