The Mochi of Mochitalk

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One year ago we bought some mochi of Mochitalk brand at Centre Point Mall in Medan. The taste of the mochi was so delicious. We never forget the taste. Two weeks ago when we visited Medan, and we bought again the mochi. Mochi is Japanese cake.


I have ever taste the mochi in Japan. I was visiting Asakusa, and I ate the mochi there. I confess that the taste of mochi there was so so delicious. It was not same as mochi of Mochitalk. Many people wanted to buy mochi in Asakusa.


This is one mochi I tasted. Frankly, it was sweet, soft and delicious. It’s a real Japanese mochi.


In Medan, we bought a box of mochi for takingaway. The store of Mochi Talk is at Medan Fair Mall, close to Nelayan Cafe.


Do you like mochi? I start loving to eat mochi after eating them in Asakusa, then I tasted them again when I was in Osaka.

The mochi of Mochitalk in Medan is the best choice to taste mochi in the city, outside Japan.


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