I'd only love a change of STATUS

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Not everything in life is a disadvantage, of course there are many things I would have loved to change if reincarnation was on the play but looking at the other end of life, somethings or situations we find ourselves in are actually for our good.


If reincarnation was a reality, there are many things I would never think of changing and there are also lots of frustrating things I wouldn't think twice in eliminating, the reason is very simple, everything around me contributed in forming this ME and also there are things that made this ME so so frustrated, I realized that this is actually the best version of ME expecially with the addition of few factors.

Things I'd never change even in reincarnation

  • Family; I don't think I would ever find a family else where just like mine, it's practically impossible because there are always unique features about people and that of my family is extremely perfect for me, it won't even cross my thoughts, even if I where to reincarnate ten times I would still chose my family, my dad, my mum and my siblings.

Family has a great contribution to the kind of personality one posseses and just like I said earlier this is the best version of ME I would ever want and of course my family were a major factor in my growing up.

  • My country: I know many would give many obvious reasons as excuses to gain a change of country if reincarnation was possible, truth is they might be right to some points but as for me I wouldn't want a change of country if reincarnation was a possibility, looking at the present situation of the country would give a big reason to agree on that part but I'm not just looking at the situation of the country I'm also looking at the kind of seeds it bares, I mean its offspring, Nigeria is a place that is blessed with wisdom, prosperity and lots more, Nigerians are always unique wherever they go and so I would love to carry those features in my gene.

  • Of course I would never think of changing my gender, it's not even looking like something possible, I would just die before my time because the things women can carry expecially emotionally I can't even carry up to quarter of it, God created them and gave them the ability to do what they can do so I can't just imagine it and become it, its definitely not possible.

  • Environment and friends: it's not also crossing my mind, my environment and friends played a key role in positively influencing me to become who I am now so I wouldn't mind having them in my next would, the truth is that you can't relate with others the way you relate with your close and childhood friends.

The one thing I'd love to change and at what point

The only thing I would change without thinking twice is my STATUS, hehe it's going to be a compulsory change it can't repeat itself in my next world, who on earth loves being on the disadvantage side over and over again, if I had a second space of existence, I would definitely chose to be a high and very wealthy person, of course it's not that too easy type, things may be hard at the beginning but subsequently it should change even to the core.

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Hmmm I like this.
Now I wonder if reincarnation were possible, then we would see this a who value family better.
I liked to read your post.

Thanks allot for coming around.
Family means allot ma, one thing that is certain is that there's no better family else where the best family is this present one

You've listed some wonderful items you won't change about yourself if you reincarnate and I can't agree more.

I would definitely not be changing of those myself.

But the status and well being is essential to have a better life.

Absolutely, there's no thinking twice in that matter
Thanks for reading sir

Nigeria is a country blessed by nature. It is the man who made it curse and so its residents are in problems. Looking at the positive sides of things make us live the hard times better.

I am glad to know that you understand the struggles women go through. Many people simply undermine them.

Being wealthy opens up the ways to several opportunities. A wealthy person with a good heart is a blessing for others too.

All correct
Thanks for reading my post


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