IAAC #35 - GETTING TO KNOW OF proofofbrain TRIBE

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Hey, you hiveians how's your was day been I hope it went well and you have a lot of fun.


I went out on the bike because I was feeling down because of lockdown and mainly because of my injury so I ride it and bought biryani which I had shop keeper packed and I seated it at home because it's still not allowed to eat out side

as you might have known that I was absent these past few weeks and didn't know of lots of updates and today I was scrolling leodex and find a new token POB (proof-of-brain) which was trading at 0.64$ at that time so I thought why not invest my little of my time in this tribe so here I am sharing it with you guys.

I have done some basic analytics on pob token and it looks quite promising but let see how goose leo is at 0.61 or something right now and 24h volume was $910.98 which is pretty good

Hypnochain project is not looking good maybe because of low I'm mean like dead traffic to this tribe let's hope it grows in future



I havedone some basic analytics on pob token

good job

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