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RE: Being Politically Correct is Incorrect 😶 IAAC #37

Yes and the perfect example of that I think is the Aussie term 'mate' and 'maaate'

One of those is about friendship and the other is a warning.

And in fact we are pretty much the only culture in the world that calls our enemies maate and our besties the CUNextTues word...

And I'd love a cupcake too thanks cupcake! 😂

And as I laugh at the cartoon, I think like- I don't give an obese rodents rectum at society's OTT PC he said/she said either.

I like to call a spade a spade- but with a trickle of honey on it, as you sweeten those prospective offendees/future enemies...

Great post. Very intuitive and though provoking of you...😁


Lol, some tribes communicate in grunts and clicks and even then the tones are different with different meanings.

Honesty is the best policy. The Australian guy I met in Germany a few years ago also just said it like it is and was upright and honest. Maybe it's a regional thing.

Thanks for reading the post. :)

Hey most guys these days- especially here, just communicate in grunts and groans...🙄

Yeah it's funny that we do cause as you know, we come from the Brits, who can be pretty buttoned down and aren't that forthcoming with honesty, but then on the other hand, half of those Brits that we come from are the Cockneys who usually do tell it like it is.....

You can take the caveman out of the cave, but you can't take the cave out of the caveman. 🙃