Day25, Ster-appel (Chrysophyllum cainito)

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The ster-appel is a family of the Sapotaceae, a latex-yielding family. This fruit is cultivated in tropical areas, so also in Suriname. It takes between 5-10 years to produce the fruit when the tree is multiplied by the seed. For the grafted tree, it takes about 2-4 years.
The cainito is about 10cm in diameter and can found in a green, purple or yellow variety. It can be eaten raw when it is fully ripe. When it comes to opening the fruit, try to get the latex not on the flesh or else it will be very sticky when it will be eaten. The flesh has a sweet, creamy and vanilla flavor. If more than the flesh is scoop out, it'll have a slightly bitter flavor.

Medical uses

  • The pulp and seed contains varying levels of antibacterial and antifungal activities against some clinical isolates such as Salmonella typhi, Aspergillus, and Penicillium ascomycetous fungi.

  • The leaves are use to poultice wounds.

  • A decoction of the leaves is taken orally to treat hypoglycaemi, a low level of calcium in the blood.

  • Cainito has an:
    1. anti-Inflammatory effect.
    2. antimicrobial.
    3. antiviral.
    4. antihypertensive.
    5. antilipase activity.
    6. wound healing.
    7. antibone cancer.
    7. antidiabetic actions.
    Read more about the medical uses here.

This is what the purple Ster-appel looks a like. If it will be cut from "Anti-stem" side, there will be a star pattern visible, that's why it is also called STAR-Apple.

WhatsApp Image 20210214 at 10.18.48.jpeg

The top-side of the leaves are green,

WhatsApp Image 20210214 at 10.18.49 1.jpeg

While the bottom-side is brown. The blossoms/flowers grow in groups in the leaf axil.

WhatsApp Image 20210214 at 10.18.48 1.jpeg

The immature fruits, of the purple cainito variety are green.

WhatsApp Image 20210214 at 10.18.49.jpeg

And when it ripens it becomes purple, ready to be picked and consumed!
(The latex dripped on my hand)
WhatsApp Image 20210214 at 10.18.48 2.jpeg

photo credits 📸: me

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