Day30, The swamp

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Weeks ago I went on a trip to Nickerie. On the way we made a stop at Johana Maria, one of the three resorts that made up Coronie. This resorts has to thank its name to the former cotton-plantage.

Here is a snip from google maps to get a picture where Johana Maria is. Inside the red line, indicates where the place.


We didn't stop at a random place at Johana Maria. We stopped near a swamp. This is swamp is a well-known. Because it looks like the famous place in nickerie, Bigi pan. This is not Bigi pan!

WhatsApp Image 20210218 at 22.30.34.jpeg

The swamp is a very good place for relaxion or sport(watersport) . Some go there to wake-board, kitesurfing, windsurfing or Jet skiing while others go there to sit and watch the waves,which are caused by the wind.

Watch a video of the Swamp here.

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Hello dear friend @raishmi good day
what a beautiful place you have visited, I like it when there is a lot of nature in a place
I really appreciate that you let us know
have a great day

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