Day33, Schaafijs🍧

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Days ago I went to Nickerie and treated myself with this delicious drink, called Schaafijs. It is just shaved ice with syrup. I took The red one because it was appetizing, and the yellow one because it was passionfruit flavored. My favorite!
Oh and I got one of the drinks free!

WhatsApp Image 20210216 at 19.57.26 1.jpeg

My cousin also got himself one.

WhatsApp Image 20210216 at 19.57.26.jpeg

It was really great t have this cold drink, while the sun was straight above my head!

WhatsApp Image 20210223 at 22.05.39.jpeg

second one😂
This one had more of the passionfruit syrup
(I would love to drink more of this🤣)

WhatsApp Image 20210223 at 22.05.39 1.jpeg

And just a picture of the market.

WhatsApp Image 20210223 at 22.05.39 2.jpeg

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I haven't had one in ages!
Neem me mee wanneer je weer gaat, Ik wil ook!😍


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good morning dear friend @raishmi
I've never had that drink, it looks delicious
I appreciate that you let us know
have a great day

On a sunny day, this is the perfect drink!😀
Have a nice day

@raishmi - !ENGAGE

Nice pictures. Good post.

Thank you,
Have a blessed day