Day35, Cassava

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Today I went to the "big" garden. There we cultivated Months ago cassava and today we harvested it. It takes up to 9 months before the tuberous plant can be harvested with succes!

Trying to pull the cassava out of the ground. It was hard to pull it out, so we used a tool to dig the surrounding soil.

WhatsApp Image 20210225 at 20.41.10.jpeg

Here you can see the cassava "above"

WhatsApp Image 20210225 at 20.41.10 1.jpeg

OOOOhhh yes, there were also wild rabbits! They love to steal the cassava!😂
I love seeing them around.

WhatsApp Image 20210225 at 20.41.11.jpeg

And after all that hard work, it was coconut time!

WhatsApp Image 20210225 at 20.41.11 1.jpeg

Feel free to join the #IAmAliveChallenge. This challenge is started by @flaxz to make everyone feel appreciate and be grateful that we are alive.

Three points to join the #IAmAliveChallenge :


You've successfully harvested your cassava which you planted some months ago.
Yeah, it wasn't your power to have harvest this year but to Him whom your serve. He supplied because you're in need of food. I strongly believe that you'll have the appetit to eat that which you've harvested.
Remember this popular song;

Some have food but can not eat
Some can eat but have no food
You have food and you can eat
Glory be to God, Amen

Have a lovely weekend.


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how are you dear friend @raishmi good day
Cassava is a very delicious vegetable with many benefits for our body. I appreciate that you let us know these images