Day28, Ja-knikker

in I Am Alive Challenge2 months ago (edited)

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Today for 28 of the #IAmAliveChallenge I'm trying something else. Posting in #3speak instead of #peakd.
This is a "Ja-knikker". A ja-knikker is the upper part of a pom which pomps petroluem out of the bottom. This one is meant as a monument

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Your video alignment is not correct one. I needed to turn my desktop to 90 degree to watch the video correctly :), instead my turned my head 90 degree. Much easier than turning the desktop :)

Thank for the feedback @hafiz34. Haha the next time I'll check that!
have a nice day

hello dear friend @raishmi good day
Good that you are trying new things, without a doubt you will soon master how to upload the videos
have a beautiful day