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RE: I am alive Challenge - Day 26 [Help people succeed, not hurt]

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My friend, I stopped writing daily posts, just for one reason, so that you and those who publish content that do not comply with the rules of the community, could read my recommendations in my last post. The process is reversible, when you start publishing content that meets the minimum requirements, you will receive positive votes, nothing personal, this is taking care of the Jahm coin, a coin that has its own history and traditions, Sincerely.


I apologize for breaking the rules sorry

But if you help me a little, if I post anything here, I will get support from you

Of course, you will receive support if in your posts I see, even if only for the faint, that they are connected with Jamaica and the Caribbean, music, cooking, thoughts about Jamaica, art that can be somehow connected with the topic of the community. It does not give me pleasure to give you negative votes, have a great day. read carefully the popular posts of the community and you will understand what is required of you.