Brother in crime

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Mum bought chocolate for the house last night, she said we're going to use it this morning, I sneaked into the kitchen and cut some as I can't help myself when it comes to chocolate, Bingo was there, he saw the whole thing. I did love chocolate and I love my dog ​​bingo so much he is my inspiration and my brother in crime in the house but bingo these days always avoided me for no reason his attitude towards me makes me want to cry at times. I never stopped to asked myself "what I have done to him to deserve this punishment of spite from him.

If I called him to come play with me, he wouldn't come or move an inch but he would be looking at me, like I'm a lion in the forest trying to attack him on the spot, honestly, these days, it attitudes surprised me so much, "what the hell is wrong with bingo" I keep asking myself, with no positive answer in return.

So when mom came home from the market, i was so happy when I noticed she has bought the chocolate, I jumped up and went to my room, immediately mom left I had to sneak into the kitchen, Bingo was there looking at me, after I might have finished taking a piece of it, I went into my room and I called Bingo to come have some chocolate with me, then this morning, while I slept.

I heard someone knocking on my door, I was still enjoying my sleep, the person wouldn't give up because I pushed my door so hard last night, then the person managed to get in, I opened my eyes and it was Bingo, I used one of my hand to touch him, he jumped to my bed.

Since it wasn't time for me to wake up yet, I continued to sleep not knowing that Bingo has piss and defecate on my bed, you know, that kind of early morning sleep you get around 5am?, yeah, that was it, I didn't know all this rolling, sleepy enjoyment Bingo had, he was there to piss and defecate right in front of me.

Now I'm awake I can smell my body like an elephant grass, all my face and body are full of faeces and piss, Bingo has styled my body today and I'm not happy about it, he has spoiled my day now I have taken my cane out of the drawer, me and him today we are going to fight, I'll design his body too.

How absurd!

Image by Brian_Cragun at pixabay


Hmm cool story about bingo and your love for chocolate.

Was actually hoping for a highlight where I burst into laughter, maybe bingo spoke and exposed what you've been doing to mum's chocolate 😅

But I guess my imaginations ran too wild with your story 😝

Designing its body back will get your hands dirty as well, if you're in for that... No problem 😅

Thanks for posting to our community!!!

I have to do what I have to do, is like bingo do not want to be on my side anymore, rather he is messing with me, is time I open a war front between me and him 🤣🤣

Thank you too, for your feedback.

Haha a war front?

Now, anyone passing by would think you're talking about a fellow guy like you 😅

It's just a dog! 😝

His attitude shows it's not a normal dog but a dog who behave like a guy, in that case today I am waiting for him to come back, na fight to finish today 🤣🤣

Lol... Let's wait to hear the update then

If he likes let him fly like a bird, when once his legs touch ground, I will give him my smack down, 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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What a chocolate, sleep and dog experience!

Very sweet for the appreciation of "Bingo".

That's true, thank you for your comments.

Atleast Bingo did not give you up for your chocolate escapade.😂

Thanks for sharing.

Yes he did not. You are welcome.

I’m tempted to laugh 😂😂😂 this another good reason why I do not like dogs😕 people that keep dogs really try.. sorry about the body design you got from your dog, lol.

The dog has ran away, I can't find it anymore, but I will still wait for him, some people told me that they caught him flying up high, like a bird🤣🤣

Thank you for your reasonable.

Lol, he ran? 😂😂

You’re welcome dear 😊

I am still waiting for the dog to come back, so that it apologize to me.

Thank you for your comments.

😂😂😂😂 it won’t!

You’re welcome dear 😊

Thank you for keeping in touch

First of all poor choice of a dog name..
What happened to whiskey like every other good folk hmmn?

The dog might be trying to say his mind...that he think you give him peace (piss) and you are the shit


Smarter than me? I will beat him mercilessly.

Lol...that's why he doesn't like you...