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Greetings Fellow Hivers,

Today, I’m sharing what has now become a monthly ritual. After being introduced to PEAKD and HIVE by @dmilliz,@missaj and @fruityfruitz, I finally decided to join. I did so by making an introduction post at the start of this year on January 5, 2021. So today marks the end of my 3rd and start of my 4th month on the blockchain.
Month 3: Where am I now?

Indicator DescriptionAmount/ScoreComment
ReggaeJahm Tokens25,200This is my home base community. I use the @reggaejahm jahm tag for most of my posts.
Engage Tokens251I received these tokens for commenting and having conversations with community members.I learned that you need to have over 1000 before you can start giving them out. Of course you could also buy them if you wish.
HP293 +500I recently changed my reward setting from 50/50 to 100% HP. I also received a generous delegation of 500HP from @dmilliz.
Upvoted2,144I made 71 posts in 3 months. That’s about 24 posts posts per month. But of course quality may be better than quantity. My travel and food posts tend to get the most upvotes. Respect to @foodiesbeehive @haveyoubeenhere @pinmapple.
Reputation59.3My 3-month target was 60. However, I’m happy with the progress made. I’m working towards becoming a minnow.
EDS1I received this passive income token from the Saturday Savers Club @susie-saver @eddie-earner @shanibeer. It pays out about .004 HIVE every Monday. So it’s a gift that keeps on giving. 😆 . I hope to buy some in the future to earn some more passive income.

Questions from the Newbie?
As a newbie , three months in I still have a few questions. If you have any insights on any of these, please let me know in the comments.

  • Is the weekend a “peak” time on the blockchain?
  • What are the factors affecting the change in token values?
  • Who owns the information posted on the blockchain?

Communicative Weekend Groups/Challenges
Two groups that are very active on the weekend are THE WEEKEND and Saturday Savers Club.

(I)Saturday Savers Club- I try to participate in the conversations with @eddie-earner and @susie-saver on Saturdays. Club members tend to share their goals and the saving strategies that have worked for them.The Club organizers offer weekly prizes in SPI, EDS and ENGAGE tokens.

(II)THE WEEKEND- I haven’t personally participated in the weekend group but @fruityfruitz has. She joined 2 weeks ago and said that the chats are fun and engaging. The group leader chooses a topic and members speak freely about the given topic. Based on her feedback, I’ll be joining in on the conversation soon.

Idea for the Classroom
As a teacher, who moonlights as a blogger 😆, I can see instances where blockchain technology can be used for educational purposes. Using PEAKD like platforms, students could practice their writing by submitting articles daily. Within each school there could be a newspaper club consisting of students with varying interests. Within each club teams can be formed based on interests with each team having an assigned leader. Individual students would submit articles on the topics they are interested in and post within the interest group of their choice. The leaders and members of each interest group would then evaluate those submissions and select the ones with the best value content/form to be published in the weekly/monthly newspaper. Several iterations of this process would help students to improve their writing, peer evaluation and other skills. I wonder if the programmers out there would be willing to create a stand alone system like PEAKD for the classroom.

Does this already exist?
That being said, one possible opportunity on the blockchain would be a group that publishes the best work from all other groups on a weekly or monthly basis. I’ve only been here for three months so maybe this already exists and I’m simply not aware of it. Maybe that would require some collaboration among the 🐳s and curators in the room.

Stay Connected, Stay Blessed.

 9 days ago 

The Ovando the Evaluator, cool nuh man. Rahtid a so much Jahm you mek already... haffi stop vote you.

Regarding your question. The price of a token as Shani says is based on how much people will pay for it and basically news and updates help push price up as one would think “oh update coming , new product launch, the price is gonna go up buy now to sell higher “. Or Use cases.

I think people have more time to post and engage on weekends but what may be more important than the weekend is just the time you post, if most of your followers are in the US for example, it may be better to post at times people in the US are likely to be active, but .

Who owns the info on the block ? You own your info but you vote witnesses to manage the data on the blockchain for which they get compensated. ( Witnesses run nodes and get rewarded for that)

Regarding schools, there is a guy that started a university site on HIVE and is gonna use it for class assignments and things, can’t remember the name but a prestigious uni.

Congrats on the level up and persistence boss.

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Nuff respect @dmilliz. Thanks for the pointed responses boss. Whenever you remember the name of that university HIVER let me know.

I have friends who are interested in joining HIVE but many of them àre guarded and worried about how their information will be used.

 9 days ago 

Well there is no ad targeting... not even ads on most hive front ends, no selling of info, and no censorship as each node/ witness would have to agree to run a fork of the software to censor someone ( 51 percent would have to agree i believe, instead of one google employer with the click of a button). No link to google ads or Facebook to track your net surfing. Probably safer than being on most sites.

I’ll pass on that information to interested parties bro. Thanks again for providing some insight into this. Yu a di boss.

Well you've made good progress for three months and you're almost there with the reputation 😉. I do know that the higher you get, the harder it gets to reach the next reputation goal.

Thanks @tanjakolader. Yeah I read that somewhere too. I guess we have no other choice but to push forward. With people like you and @rarej to encourage me along I’ll get there soon enough.

Here's some liquid courage !BEER

I'm not much of a drinker but I appreciate your gift bro. We need to talk to @dmilliz about setting a date for that online linkup.

I don't drink beer either, that's why I'm handing them out. 😅
Yeah, @dmilliz better get on that. xD

Lol. Cheers bro.

 9 days ago 

LOL you know you guys can organize these things. The one who mention it should jump on it and organize it.😁

But anyways if it were Japan and Suriname at first it wouldn't be difficult to organize.

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 10.53.05 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 10.53.58 AM.png

But add Uk and Germany to that and it gets a little bit tricky.

When is a good date you beleive?

Saturday morning Japan time April 10th is okay for us. But we must have a time that is equally convenient for @rarej @tanjakolader @justinparke

And you know what, after a while because there's so much to do here that you'll "forget" about the reputation number; at least I did 😅🙈.
Now I focus/check what my "earnings" for the day are.

I want to get to that level @tanjakolader. 😀

Hahahaa well you are not far behind and it's different for everyone 😅.
I only got tired when seeing the same number everytime that I forgot to check it out.


Some !BEER for the alcoholic as well!

Keep the content flowing and your Hive wallet will keep growing. We love the vibes you bring to the blockchain and ReggaeJAHM. I have tons of ideas for educational stuff relating to Hive, but I can't get back to Cambodia to flesh them out.

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Keep the content flowing and your Hive wallet will keep growing.

I like that @justinparke.I hope you desire to return to Cambodia will become a reality.

I love your evaluation. It’s good to understand patterns and assess performance. I love your ideas too. It seems there’s so much we can learn and do on this platform.
I’m really happy @missaj and @dmilliz introduced us.

Why thank you @fruityfruitz 😍 I appreciate your positive feedback.

Some great ideas you have here for the use of blockchain in the classroom; might be a hard sell to schools here though as they like to err on the side of caution. I aspire to post as often as you and @fruityfruitz post. Keep up the good work.

You’re right @missaj you know how the system works very well. That’s why it would have to be a stand alone system, that is only accessible to students and teachers within each school. Kind of like an intranet. So it would be PEAKD-like but not PEAKD.

Hello there and congratulations on reaching three months and doing so well, too 😍.

I'm never sure when is a peak time on Hive - you could maybe look at the daily statistics by @arcange or @penguinpablo. Really pleased to have you along on weekends at the Saturday Savers Club, thank you for your support.

The main factor affecting token values is how much someone is prepared to pay for them. The leofinance community is a good place to learn more about this. The content creators there love writing about this sort of thing 🙂.

Great ideas for schools - you could set up a community which would give some measure of control, but not entirely. It is possible to build closed communities on top of the hive blockchain, that may come along soon. Andre Grey, an English Premier League footballer, set up a football academy where young people around the world could earn tokens by learning football skills, back on the old blockchain. It doesn't seem to be working now, but it was a good example of the kind of thing you are talking about.

Thank you @shanibeer. Thanks for your continued support as well. I have learned a lot from you and I’m slowly making more connections with the members of the Saturday Savers Club.

Wow! Thanks for the awesome links you recommended. @penguinpablo and @arcange provide some pretty useful data. Thanks a million.

The main factors affecting token values is how much someone is prepared to pay for them.

I’ll definately spend some more time reading content in the leofinance community. The newbie would want to know why there is so much fluctuation in prices for some tokens.

I’ll check out the football academy. It’s sounds awesome 😎.

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