Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2020 | HPUD, Investments and Goals

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Source Incentives to power up Hive cryptocurrency!

The best cryptocurrency to buy? Well, it has to be HIVE - a combination of the fabulously low price (rude not to) combined with the range of development PLUS free transaction costs - no expensive gas needed - and simple, easily remembered, user-name wallet addresses. Get in!

not financial advice - do your own research :p



Hive Power

Very happy to power up to 56,000HP today. I worked out earlier that with the equivalent of about 300 Hive coming through passive income and another 300 Hive through curation rewards each month, it'll take me about 60 months to reach 100,000HP. Of course, it will be less than that through the beauty of compounding and, it seems, the effect of simply setting a target!

The Ink Well

Probably my biggest investment in terms of time, The Ink Well is coming along nicely. Over the past six months, the team have refined its niche, focusing on short stories as the creative form with the greatest potential for attracting new consumers (as opposed to content creators) for Hive. The community has refined its curation policies and is supported by both @curie and @ocd curation projects.

Big challenges for The Ink Well are:

  • helping writers get to the standard that will attract an outside audience and have credibility with publishers.
  • educating community members about the Hive economy.
  • the limitations of the current community API.

Lots to work on there!

SPInvest (Social Prosperity Investments)

Excellent results and growth here - have a look at the latest holdings and earning report. Today's SPI value is 3.66 Hive (and rising) with SPI available through Hive-Engine at 4.74 Hive, with only 100,000 SPI available. I bought about 80% of my holdings at 1 Hive/Steem or so, and about 20% have been gained through token splitting, dividends and contests.

SPI also pays a weekly dividend dependent on earnings, which this week is 0.16 SPI per 100 SPI held. With my holdings, this is roughly equivalent in value to 52 Hive each week. My plan is to save 50% to continue to build my SPI stake and sell 50% to release SPI into other hands. My prices are usually quite modest, so look out for those at the beginning of each week if you'd like to start stacking SPI.

Thanks to the @spinvest team - @silverstackeruk, @jk6276, @taskmaster4450, @shitsignals, @metzli, and @no-advice.


I was really pleased to see Reggaejahm make the move from Steem-Engine to Hive-Engine in the past couple of months. The JAHM token was originally based on an external use case - tourism - when COVID-19 hit and blew that away. A small core group has nurtured the token and the community and now it has been accepted into the @ocd Communities Incubation Programme which is great news.

I was one of the OG investors in ReggaeJahm and currently hold about 370,000 JAHM. I bought very early and was the first investor to stake 100,000 JAHM, so my exposure was comparatively low - what I might spend on a City break in less stricken times. I still think it is a great idea and worth looking at, and it is a lovely community with a dedicated core group. As the world gets its COVID-19 act together, I feel sure that ReggaeJAHM will prosper.

You can also find one of the few websites taking Hive and HBD through one of the founders of ReggaeJahm. Good going @dmilliz!


Ah LEO, my wild child! I have about 4,500 LEO delegated to an alt account @shani.leo. I think most of my LEO came through an airdrop and I've just added 500 to it from the wLEO Uniswap adventure. I'm really looking for a way to earn passively from this investment as, although I occasionally venture into LeoFinance and enjoy half an hour there, usually I'm too pre-occupied with other things. I'm hoping @spinvest-leo will set up a curation trail, so I can coat-tail there.



Well, I've set my 100,000HP target and the timeline. I'd get there a lot quicker with regular posting, so now I've achieved my investment-through-purchasing goals, perhaps that's the way to go. I wonder if I can add another 300HP a month through posting? Two posts helped me on my way: @revisesociology's What crypto should I buy ... from which I have stolen shamelessly the simple slug idea and @themarkymark's How to blog everyday even when you don't want to. Let's see what happens ...

Happy HPUD day everyone, wherever you may be.
Thanks to @barge for the page dividers.


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Those are quite some holdings. I was sad to let all of my JAHM go on Steemit, not knowing the future of the token. Oh how I wish I had saved it, but I now hold under 150,000 JAHM, so I'm slowly getting a foothold back in the community.

Hello @justinparke, how are you and the family? Hope everything is going okay.
Yeah, it took a little while to build my holdings, and it looks like you're getting there, too :) It's always difficult to second guess what's going to happen, we none of us know, we just have to make the best decisions we can at the time.

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Thanks for the mention Shani, be sure to check that link for the store 😉!

100k HIVE may not be so hard if..... you sell some BTC at the right time. 😆

That supposes I have some BTC! 😁

HAHAH, Then you would be in the 1% of cryoto holders that don't have BTC, and I doubt that.😀 Or.... sold too early!

Just went and had a look ... not enough yet to buy 40k HIVE 😁

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Well, I feel due to the Xmas "seasoning"coming up, and if BTC continues to "rally"  HIVE could get a lot cheaper as many cash out to indulge or survive ....But what do I know lol.

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Oh, there's a thought!

Nice reasoning for powering up.
Your SPI looks impressive too.

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Thanks, @phython. How are things going for you?

I am showing up daily and building my stake daily. Till now everything is fine.

That's good to hear.

I love goals and nice to see yours laid down on this post. Good second layer tokens in your portfolio with some affected by the pandemic, but I think that those will come back moving to Hive. Quite new information for me, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you :) I like HPUD as a way of regularly checking in (although I see I miss two in every three these days, oh well, quarterly is good, too).

Hi @shanibeer,
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Congratulations, although I didn't quite catch your timeline for 100K HP - all I got was 'less than 5 years'!

I'm sure it'll be a bit sooner than that!


I used one of those compound interest thinggs to work out how long it would take, if all things remained equal (income, inflation etc), but, of course, they don't remain the same, they improve. There is also this weird thing about setting a goal ... and then it happens. I'm not really worried, it'll all work out. Thanks for the beer, I do miss the pubs, I like to drop in for a drink.

Hey @shanibeer, here is a little bit of BEER from @revisesociology for you. Enjoy it!

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Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.

Thank-you @star.lord :)

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