Growing Savers with EDS savings, income and investment token | Win rare SPI tokens

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We're running a savings post contest with SPI prizes over at @eddie-earner, home of the EDS income token.

EDS is an entry level savings, income and investment token. It has a very low entry price compared to tokens like SPI and LBI, making it very affordable for the smallest accounts. It is fully-backed by Hive Power and pays out income in Hive at a guaranteed minimum 12% annual return on investment (ROI) every Monday night.

Saturday Savers Club

The Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver over on the @eddie-earner account takes place every Saturday through 2021. It's aimed at smaller and newer accounts, although everyone is welcome.

The aim of the Savings Club is to build a nest egg worth $667 over the course of the year using the Penny a Day Challenge, which compounds by a penny each day (day 1 - 1p, day 2 - 2p, day 3 - 3p etc).

Each week, there is an opportunity to win EDS tokens for comments (we funded these through a bumper vote from @ocd at the beginning of the year, thank you @acidyo).

You can also win EDS tokens for providing savings tips.

This week the Saturday Savers Club is running a contest with a prize of 5 SPI tokens. These are rare tokens indeed - just look at today's SPI market:

Best cryptocurrency to buy.png
SPI are capped at 100,000 tokens. Today there are just 13 SPI available on the market. SPI distributes earnings-based dividends in SPI every week on Sunday evening, growing your investment over time. From $13,000, the value of the SPI fund stands at $192,000 today.

Win 5 SPI - It's very easy

Simply write a post about saving. It can be about your plans, tips for saving or how to manage your money. Here are the Rules of Entry:

Deadline for Entries: Saturday 20 March 2021 at 10am UTC

And if you want to join us at the Saturday Savers Club, you are very welcome! We get lots of engagement and comments and it's a great place to get support to build your savings - follow @eddier-earner!

Look forward to seeing you!

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Good morning @teamuksupport 😁.

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That is really cool! I actually just wrote a post this morning that probably would have qualified, but I am just now seeing this post. Bummer. Best of luck to everyone that enters.

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Why don't you add a link to your post anyway? 😁

Okay, I will see what I can do!

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Thank you!

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Here is my entry. I wrote it before I knew about the tags though. It probably isn't super in depth, but it does talk about saving.

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Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.