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Over on the @eddie-earner account, the Saturday Savers Club is holding a Challenge for savers and potential savers. For potential savers, the challenge is to sign up to saving; for existing savers, the challenge is a three month review.

As I set the Challenge, it seemed only fair that I write a post reviewing my own savings, although I exclude myself from entering for the prize: 5 SPI (especially as I'm the sponsor). If you would like to write a post and join the Challenge you would be very welcome.

I was trying to remember what my plans had been for the past three months. Luckily, I wrote a post around about 1 January that gave me a starting place.


Here's what I said:

My big investments this year will be supporting specific communities or initiatives. There are three of these for 2021 - The Ink Well, a savings club with @eddie-earner and the ReggaeJahm community.

Although some of these include a delegation, the major investment will be time and the objective with all of them will be to bring more people to Hive and increase the value of Hive.

current value of Hive = 0.118USD
current active accounts on Hive = 19,887
current mvests = 269,493

I will also continue to support @needleworkmonday,, @tenkminnows, @teamuksupport and @steemclub-uk with smaller delegations.

So how has the first three months gone?


The Ink Well

I stood down from The Ink Well in January 2021 for health reasons. It continues with @jayna and @agmoore, supported by the founder @raj808. It is a really lovely community with weekly prompts, dedicated contributors and writing tips.

I still have my ideas for a community for readers and writers on Hive, where writers can earn supplementary income for their writing directly from readers.

I'm in the process of negotiating a new contract at work which means I shall have a little more time to pursue this idea. I'm planning a couple of events in the Autumn, which I'll organise once COVID restrictions start to ease.

I'm thinking about bringing together a local group of people to take ideas forward - perhaps eight to twelve interested people. This may be through the University (the original proposal was to work with creative writing students) or through local writer networks.

So this plan has stalled a bit - down but not out. That's life and sometimes ideas need several iterations before they hit the right formula.


Saturday Savers Club

with @eddie-earner and @susie-saver
This was a little idea that has always been at the back of my mind. When SPI (@spinvest), an investment club, was set up, I thought it was ideal for savers and wrote a long post about Credit Unions and Christmas Clubs.

A while later, EDS (@eddie-earner), an income token, came along. I loved this little token - low cost of entry, self-effacing ambition (to provide 12% income on your investment each year). Perfect, I thought, for starter savers.

Come the first Saturday of 2021, we launched the Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver, my alt account for stacking the weekly savings. It's a lot of fun and I really enjoy the engagement - thank you to everyone that supports it.

We do have some star savers who joined in January and are now finding the compounding power of the 365 Penny a Day Challenge. I'd love to do more in-depth posts but for now this works perfectly.

From a personal point of view, I'm stacking pennies to pay for a trip to Jamaica, which leads me to ...



ReggaeJahm had a great originating idea behind it and the idea is still there, waiting on the back burner until COVID-19 plays out and the world has got a grip. As we move out of lockdown, in addition to my planned trip to Jamaica, I'm looking at putting together a five week blogging course to run in a local community centre in the Autumn.



I support @reggaejahm and @es-literatos with large-ish delegations, @theinkwell and @needleworkmonday with smaller ones as well as several UK initiatives (, @tenkminnows, steemclub-uk and @teamuksupport).

I'm going to review these over the next month or so: I'd love to hear from any of the people involved about their plans in the comments. Is your initiative still needed? How could it be developed?


My Savings, HODLings and Investments

As I've written elsewhere, I'm a slow and steady investor. I like to do my research, have a plan and tend to stick with what I support through thick and thin. I was really pleased last week to see that even my least successful investment is now worth what I originally invested.

I've also written elsewhere about taking advantage of increasing Hive values to withdraw my original fiat investment. I started a powerdown for about 10% of my holdings but, having liquidated them, decided to use them differently.

Instead of withdrawing them from Hive, I'm reinvesting in two things:

  • consolidating my LBI investment and
  • establishing a modest LEO investment.

I've even set a modest target for increasing my investment in Hive over the next year. This came after completing my records for tax purposes on 5th April which set me thinking about a five-year plan - encouraged by a couple of interesting posts on the @spinvest account about venture capital and what are you HODLing for.

Meanwhile, @susie-saver is slowly but steadily growing over at the Saturday Savers Club - holiday money for fun!


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Great news about work by the sounds of it, if you're able to negotiate reduced hours, that's what it's all about!

What's your Hive target: 100K?

I'm thinking Hive is a buy either now or some time soon!

Great news about work by the sounds of it, if you're able to negotiate reduced hours,

Yes, I am really looking forward to it! Also, they have asked me to do the feasibility and planning on a big capital project for a building, so plenty of work for a few years yet and a lot of control over what I'm doing. I really want to do some teaching, though, I miss that, so one session a week would be great.

I've been following your adventures in Portugal, you're inspiring me to tackle my garden (a much smaller scale, maybe 15x30ft). I had random trees cut down a few weeks ago, and the big one on the boundary pollarded. It's really the "front" garden, facing the road, but everyone uses the "back" door to the house, so I have been thinking of changing over the front garden to growing produce. It gets a lot of sun through the day.

You should go for it - growing food in relatively small spaces can be really satisfying, and you can get a lot in that space - it's about a third of an allotment plot I think. Plenty of room.

Nice that you've got more security and more control at work, not a lot not to like there!


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Give thanks for your continued support of @ReggaeJAHM. Hope your trip to Jamaica manifests.

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Thank you @justinparke 😍. I appreciate your support for the community.


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Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.


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