Modes of Transportation

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How do you get around?

The present weekend engagement topic in @THEWEEKEND community is about modes of transportation. I’d say my favorite mode of transportation is the car but I’ve also enjoyed taking the bullet train (known as the Shinkansen). It’s super fast but the ride is smooth. Passengers often use this mode to travel from prefecture to prefecture.
I do enjoy going for little nature walks so I love that my feet can carry me around.

My family sometimes goes Shinkansen-watching. We get a thrill from watching them pass and usually try hard to get a proper video. It’s like a challenge waiting for that moment it will come. It puts you on the edge. It appears and then disappears. It all happens in a flash.

My husband took this video some time ago. Here, we can see four modes of transportation. To the top, we can see a regular train. To the bottom left, we can see cars and a bike. In the middle, a Shinkansen quickly passes. You can hear my son saying, “That train is very fast!”

Below is a YouTube video. Here we get another view and see how quickly they pass. They’re fast, but safe and convenient.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Thank you for sharing.

I enjoyed watching it. The speed is insane 😊

😃You're welcome. It is right?!!!
What's even more interesting is that for the over 50 years Japan has been running the Shinkansen, they have never had a passenger casualty due to an accident.

You stay in japan?

For the time being.

Oh wow, thats so cool.

Have them got them trains where you originally stay?

What do you mean?

I think he means , are there trains where you are originally from?

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😃Thanks @missaj. I re-read and got it. I think I was sleepy. @stevenson7 No trains like that where I’m originally from. No train system for passengers as a matter of fact. There was in the long past but now, the main modes are buses and cars.

Ah thank you @Missaj.

So the trains are just in Japan then.

I think they are similar types in other countries.

I prefer trains , the fast one when I’m seated and sleeping 😺

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Yes, quite nice to get a good little nap. 😃

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You're welcome @fruityfruitz, that's always a pleasure 😊🌹 😊🌹 😊🌹

😃Great to see your response just when I was saying, “ I haven’t heard from hivebuzz in a while”.