Visit to the Chemist hotel and the Fisherman Art

On this post, I am going to share me and my friends visit to the chemist hotel, Since the day I had this guy around, he has been taken me from places to places, and on each of this walks, I do take some beautiful pictures of myself and I would write on how the whole stay in chemist bar went down.

We went to the chemist bar in the afternoon, because I demands we drink some beer, my both friends do not like beer, they prefer our local palm wine, but palm wine is what I have been drinking for long, so I had to choose where we visit.

I choose the chemist hotel, when we arrived at the chemist hotel, went into the bar and order for beer, my friends said that whatsoever brand of beer I choose, should be given to them also, I go for hero beer and we all had the same.

I know I had to make a post for my friends on hive to see, how my day went, so I asked, My friend to take us some shoots.

The place is newly opened, it is located not far from my house, it's a good place to sit with friends and talked about how your life's has been.

On our way home, we bought this art, the artist explain his work to us, that the man on the art, is a successful fisherman, he has caught a big fish on the water, it was his wish for the day, to at least go home with a big fish, it was nice because his wish did come through.

What you see him do, is stepping out of his canoe, that he used to go fishing, do you know that kind of happiness in your heart, knowing that your family would feed well today?.

The fisherman was having this happiness on his heart, he wish to go fishing again, he called that day he caught a big fish, the day that his ancestors has bless for him to prosper with anything he touched.

I added this art in this post, because me and my friends met the artist on our way home and we bought his art, also, the art represent the courage that a fisherman took in brings him his heart desires.

Thank you once again for reading my post. Have a great day ahead.


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Nice experience

Thank you so much for your kind words. Have a great day ahead.