#DashOutSunday: Just Takeaway Food, Oh Okay! Still a Great Dinner

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Stay at home is always the best choice for now. Save energy, and save on travel costs because my house is far from the city center.

You could say I go downtown once or twice a month.

So for dinner on Sunday I decided to order online “Mozarella Chicken” from a cafe that I had ordered before.


Takeaway Food From KYIV Coffee

This cafe is not just a coffee shop and cafe that offers delicious food, but also a barbershop. That's why they call their name identity "KYIV Barber and Coffee".


I ordered mozzarella Chicken' at 42K IDR or 2.8 USD. It is classified as a high-class price if here. But for the menu “Mozarella Chicken”, this price is decent because I know, the cheaper price will have the greatest chance it won't taste good.

Takeaway 2.jpg


KYIV has cool food packaging. They put in a pretty big effort compared to other cafes.

I often make online orders at other cafes, and KYIV has the best packaging by far.

zoom menu.jpg

They put food in a box that is covered in a kind of aluminum foil. This keeps the food I receive still warm until it reaches my house.

I also like the packaging design they use, and it is loveable to share on social media and can increase their sales. One good sales strategy. :)

Like Eating in a Cafe


With good packaging and still warm conditions, I also feel this is not like takeaway food.

I can still arrange this food in a pretty good shape like a serving in a cafe.

This food portion can be said to be quite a lot and complete. I have to finish this chicken mozzarella two times. You can see that the chicken is quite large and dense.

So naturally, the price is almost 3 USD. :)

Plating 4.jpg

I forgot to photograph the inside of this chicken. But the most important thing is that it tastes good and the mozzarella cheese is abundant on the inside of the chicken! I was not disappointed and indeed KYIV is one of my whitelists for takeaway food and coffee. :)

Plating 3.jpg


That is very interesting. A barbershop and a cafe 😳 I’ve never heard anything like that. The food looks good, it’s great that they deliver. Hahaha for us Jamaicans that would be a little bit of food.

For me, something combined with cheese would be "enough" food. You know the feeling like that :D

Happy Sunday :)

 4 months ago (edited)

Hahaha I'm imagining the cheesiness 😋

Happy Sunday to you too dear :)

@JustinParke here on behalf of the ReggaeJAHM Community.

Just like @dmilliz, I was intrigued by this business combo. I guess as long as they keep the hair out of the food, all is good. It looks like a clean and professionally prepared meal, thanks for sharing.

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