My 2nd ReggaeJahm Linkup | Encouragement to Save from the SSC

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Greetings Island Lovers,

We are already two weeks into the first month of the year. How has it been going so far? In this post I'd like to share two things that happened during this time.


Reggaejahm Linkup:
While on a short vacation I was privileged to take part in a video linkup with 4 other members of the ReggaeJahm community. Interestingly enough that meeting was close my one year anniversary on hive. It was great to see and chat with @dmilliz, @rarej, @tanjakolader, @fruityfruitz. A shared opinion was that we should probably not wait for a whole year to linkup again.

Encouragement to Save:
I recently completed one year of saving in the Saturday Savers Club. The club announced three awards for participating members in a recent report and yours truly received the third place encouragement award as a promising saver. Although I am still a little way off my goal,I have committed to another year in the Saturday Savers Club run by @susie-saver and @eddie-earner. If you are interested in being part of a savings group for mutual support and encouragement, join us. You can do so simply by communicating your interest in the comment section of this post.

What has been happening in your neck of the woods since the start of the year? Write a post about it or share a few words in the comments below.

Stay connected, stay safe.


The link-up sounds fun, @dmilliz looking street-cool, as always 😍. It is true, you can link-up any time!
Congratulations on your savings award and great that you are nearer your goal of 1000HP - looking forward to that day 🙂

Hahaha, nothing more comfortable than sportswear . Next link up I will send you the info and you can join us ( we know how the time zones get us at times though hahaha).

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if we can all be awake at the same time, that would be lovely 😊

Thanks @shanibeer.
Yeah @dmilliz is a really cool brother.
Looking forward to a great first quarter. Hoping to get there in a few weeks.

Yes! At least every quarter but monthly would be good too. We will get to that.

Hold dem wid the goals bro, target locked and in range!

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Respect and again Happy birthday

Thanks. It was nice to see the ReggaeJahmmers again😃 was hoping to see @missaj as well.

Yeah sorry he couldn’t make it. Hopefully we can have another linkup in a few months.

Looking forward to it. 😃

Congrats on being placed third in the Saturday’s Savers program. That’s awesome. 😃

Thanks. If you have some time you can join when you are ready to.

Congrats on the win and keep up that positivity! 💪

Thank you @tanjakolader. Wish I had the time to make posts more consistently.

Wish I had the time to make posts more consistently.

Same for me... 🙈, especially with the comments. Trying to get back on track again, but I get how sometimes outside circumstances keep us from being here consistent.