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Greetings HIVERs,

I have been on a kind of go slow for the last couple of weeks due to a number of issues. Not only have we been occupied preparing students for tests but also balancing home and family life. Inspite of these responsibilities, we still need to take periodic breaks and use the opportunity to relax whether by deliberate action or a subtle warning from our doctor. Here are a few pictures from a park that I hope will invoke a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. One love.

Imagine the sound of water flowing from a fountain and running along a stream.





Stay healthy, stay blessed.
All pictures were taken at Suma Rikyu Park in Kobe Japan using an android phone.


Protect the children @luca1777

When we lived in Ecuador we enjoyed a lot of public spaces with water features. Beautiful place, bless up!

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Bless up @justinparke. Nuff respect

Those parks in Japan are really something else and I know what you mean, we all need that rest and time to ourselves to recharge.

Take care! 😊

Thanks @tanjakolader. I know you and @rarej would love this park.

Definitely. Thinking of all those places on my list to visit 🙈. I hope soon...

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Real zen looking space. Yeah man, sometimes we gotta chill and slow the pace and just be,Even if for a moment.

Yeah bro. This is one of my favorite spots in Kobe. There is also a great restaurant overlooking the garden and the sea in the distance

very beautiful . I also want a small beautifufl garden if I am aviliable .

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@smartdealear Wish I could afford to have a garden like this too. Lol. The flowers 🌹 are always beautiful and they are changed according to the season.

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You're welcome @bearmol, a great achievement! 😊👍

Congratulations on your 100th post, that's great to see 😍.
I love the water features in the park, I'd love to have the waterfall in my garden, that would throw off some beneficial ions!

Thanks again and great having the support of the Saturday Savers Club to keep me on track.
A little waterfall would be nice for sure. The sound of running water in a garden is so relaxing.