Pear picking experience in Kobe Japan 🍐| Up to 88% water

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Hello Fruit Lovers,

Its pear picking time again signaling the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. We went pear picking over the weekend. The staff ensured that everyone's temperature was checked and all hands were sanitised.
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The orchard was big enough for families to practice social distancing. Many families took the opportunity to carry their own lunch and have a picnic under the pear trees. Of course having paid the entrance fee, we could pick and eat as many pears as we liked within the two and a half hour time limit. Any uneaten pear would be placed in a green basket and paid for upon exit.

Pear to go
After enjoying a few asain pears(Nashi) we decided to pick a few to take home.


Water Content
Typically fruits have high water content unless they are dried. According to a fruit website I checked, Asian pears like Nashi have more than 80% water, more specifically they are said to contain up to 88% water. This was great for me as I'm consciously trying to increase my liquid intake for the Wednesday Wellbeing Club run by @shanibeer.

The only problem I had was that the trees in the orchard were so low that I could hardly stand upright. Fortunatley we spent most of the time seated on picnic mats under the trees eating juicy pears. lol πŸ˜‚

All in all we enjoyed the afternoon picnicking, picking and eating Nashi at Kobe Kanko Pear Orchard.It's an experience that the whole family can enjoy and there is free parking available. Thank you for reading about our pear picking experience in Kobe Japan.

Stay connected, stay healthy.

All pictures used in this post were taken with my android phone.
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I gotta try this! Nice family outing with the social distance and fruits to take home. Didn’t even realize Nashi picking was a thing.

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Yeah bro.Picking strawberries πŸ“, grapes πŸ‡, raspberries, and pears 🍐 are pretty popular in the northern and western part of Kobe.Its a great experience for the kids. We’ve even helped to harvest rice once.

@missaj yu eat dem ting here bro?

But Ofcourse , next time you planning a picking , let I know.

Β 5 days agoΒ (edited)

Will difinately let you know bro. @missaj

Nice!!! These pears are so good!! They are very juicy and sweet. Back home we call them snow pears because the inside is very white.

Yes @wonderwow they are really juicy. Thanks for dropping by. I always appreciate your support and kind comments.

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