Streets of Gold | Yellow Autumn Ginkgo Leaves

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Greetings Nature Lovers,

“Look deep into nature & you will understand everything better”- Albert Einstein.

Evening View
The ginkgo trees are now shedding their yellow leaves and creating golden pathways all around the community.This particular shot is the night view and it a testament to time I get home in the evening. Lol
Morning View
It's a sight to behold and I can't help but feel like royalty as a walk on the now golden footpath to and fro each day. Actually this second shot was taken around this time a year ago. I'm alive and celebrating a season of beauty and prosperity.
Over the past year there are so many who passed. As we celebrate their lives, we continue living. We are grateful to be able to breathe a breath of fresh air each morning and see the sunrise 🌞 another day. Are you thankful for this visual decorative burst in this season? It is all around us. As I reflect on the quote from Albert Einstein, I choose to see the workings of nature as evidence of a greater power beyond ourselves.

Take a break today and see the beauty that is nature wherever you are on our beautiful planet.

Stay connected, stay safe.

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Golden streets, what you saying. Nice message man. Nature really does teach us as well as heal us. Gotta love the Japanese autumn, the colors are mesmerizing. Give thanks for life indeed. No matter how hard it seems.

Look deep into nature & you will understand everything better”- Albert Einstein.

Love it!

Yes bredda. Nature is an awesome classroom. So much to learn and appreciate.Simply Amazing! Respect for the reblog.

Hallo, sehr schöne Bilder, der Herbst kann so schön sein, mit seiner ganzen Vielfalt. Die Blätter sehen echt sehr schön gelb aus, die Farbe fällt einem sofort ins Auge. Ich wünsche dir einen tollen Tag und ein schönes Wochenende bleib gesund und hab viel Spaß. LG

Thanks 👍 for stopping by and commenting. Have a great weekend.

thank you too