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Check my new dandehall instrumental streaming now on Hive. i hope your enjoy and please follow the page if you like the content.
Tittle: Dilemma Riddim

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I like how this have a good blend of trap and dancahll, like it a blaze right in between. I would definitely build something on this.

How you make those audio visuals?

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Respect bro, give thanks for the feedback brother you know how my ting stay bredda organic and original with the current. I seen your work brother that song Bitcoin you have me love how the I a deal with it wicked, absolutely would love to build a vibes with the I nuh seh 40 General me ready!!

Respect bredda @luca1777 produced that one, the moment I heard it it grab me. Just like this beat here grab me now. Mi love when people in the community can creator together, is a joy you nuh. Gonna holla at you on the gram.

Create that fire, to bun down Babylon!😉
I will start writing to that beat you sent very soon...

Also the visual I make them myself, I use the VSDC free video editor, is very user friendly

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Oh zeen, respect. Always looking for tools like this.

💃💃 🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶 🔥🔥🔥🔥as always