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Maximum respect to the Hive family. Tody we have a very special piece of intrumental. This one is called "Seed", you a ready know what we mean. From we bless the herbs we must bless the seed 🙏. There's some history behind this intrumental. When I first made this beat, we had a song put together with Jamaican artist Sando, at the time he was signed to a management company which made it impossible to release this trac, and as of today we are still trying to figure out this deal so we can move ahead with project. Heads up, you will be hearing from this artist very soon on the Hive bloch chain so stay tuned. I hope you enjoy this piece and please hit that follow button 🙏🙏,

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Very nice beat!! Hope to hear more from you in the future!

Thank you so much 🙏😊please follow my page I have so much reggae music coming to the hive✌❤

Nice conscious Riddim, Bredda. Yes I, Respect the Seed, Respect the Source.

Yes I, maximum respect 🙌 bless up mama earth a the ganja!


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