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Blessed Love Hive family and @Reggaejahm family. Today we are going to be making a skanky reggae beat. For those who know reggae, know what I'm talking about. If your not familiar with what skanking means, is a term used to describe a type of bounce while dancing to reggae music, its just part of the culture, so we had to drop the beat. This piece is called "Chalice Load". Another one of my favorite instrumentals I've ever made. Im giving you a quick walk thru how I build the beat followed by the official instrumental release. I hope you enjoy it!
Tittle: Chalice Load
Produced By: Dj Blendah

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Yooooo! The funky reggae riddim, you got that locked to bredda! You got all the reggae genres locked!

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You done know a ready bredda! Hey 2 of my artist in JA joined the hive bro, lots of new vibes coming to the Hive.

Yeah man! Mi realize! Mi vote dem up and gonna tweet them soon! Wanna figure out ways to bring value to the newer artist them using the HIVE! Respect mi G!

Yes I!! them artists serious artists bredda.They working with me also they work with other producers in JA as well so, they have a lot of potential and I'm sure they will attract lots of people to their music.

Wicked Bass, Bredda!😀
Nice riddim 👍 & good sound on the final version.
Mastered, right?

Give thanks brother, so glad to see that you like the riddims, yes the final is what I call pre-master because there's no vocals to complete the record, the mixing and mastering in most cases changes with vocals on it. Will get to that part soon 😉

🎚 🎛 📶 🔊 🎶 🎵 💃

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