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Greetings hive family. Welcome to my channel where I showcase my intrumentals and music productions. this piece is called "Door Of No Return". The tittle should ring the bell if you know abou african history and how our ancestors when thru that door never to return to the Mother Land again. I had to put it onto music and the whats best tosome Nyabingi drums to call on to the ancestors so they know we are still connected to that frequency. So, here's this very special piece, I hope your enjoy and please follow the page so we can bring you more original vibes.

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Good choice of name!

You bring the modern vibes to the Nyabingi. This sound like a movie soundtrack or a powerful tune for the times to go on it!

Respect bro, love the feedback definitely a very powerful vibe, finger cross we get this in a movie 😁🤞

I'm really vibing with the rhythms ☺️.

Thank you so much, I have lots of content content coming to the hive, If you havent follow the page the door is always open 😊🙏

Yeah, I'm trying to listen and read everything that's being posted in the Jahm community. Don't always get the chance to though.

Oh, I though I had already followed your Hive account. Oh well, just did.

Looking forward to enjoying more music and keep on jahmin'! 👍

Thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏 I really appreciate it and I have so much more music coming up!

Thank you!

🎚 🎛 📶 🔊 🔊 🎶 🎵 💃 🎶 🎵