Thirsty : Part Three

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I sat in the front row at church feeling out of place, but trying my best to forget everything that happened the night before and into the wee hours of Sunday morning. Every time I moved, every time I took a breath, every time I dared to speak or even smile, the soreness jolted me back to the things he did and said to me. The pleasure was real but, like grabbing a sweet lollipop from a baby, he threw my identity in my face snatching the happiness and complete peace I had felt earlier in his arms.

With my eyes wide and my mouth agape all I could manage was, “What?”

“Yes, I know exactly who you are and it begs me to question why you’re here. I keep asking you and you keep dodging the question. I’ll ask you again, what is a person like you doing at a party like this?” He didn’t move and his voice was deathly quiet, though I could still hear him above the strings of the music.

“The fuck?!” Was all I could scream at him before grabbing my shoes and storming out. I cried all the way home, there was so much at stake with him knowing my identity. Somehow I didn’t think he wold use it against me, but it was alarming. His icy demeanor was so palpable, I felt like I was being shunned. This same person who had been so tender toward me just a few minutes go ago had changed quicker than a chameleon on a wall. I know I didn’t belong there but the struggle I had with my sexual craving was beyond me. I just wanted to feel again. I wanted to be wanted. I needed to hear that I was sexy and desirable. I was tired of feeling like a reject, being so horny all the time and not being able to get any satisfaction. I was at my lowest when I decided to go to a party like that. Did I regret it? I loved every minute of being in his arms it was one of those wrongs that felt so right. He was so patient and attuned to my body’s needs; he knew every reaction my body would give like the fucking sorcerer of my body. He made my body sing like a thousand blue jays in a mass choir. However, it was stupid of me to put myself at risk of being recognized. I hope I never have to come in contact with him ever again.

Guilty... Not Guilty

I brought my mind back to the present. I could barely concentrate on anything Kevin was saying. I felt like Hester Prynn with a scarlet letter ‘A’ tacked to my chest. Sitting completely still, I found a spot on the stained glass and fixed my eyes on it. I wore a large rimmed rose pink and black hat that matched my high neck rose pink fitted pencil dress. I’m lucky I didn’t have an attentive husband because my chest was dotted with love bites in addition to the huge one on my shoulder. I will not be able to wear anything without sleeves for a couple of days. My nipples tightened and beaded as I remembered his teeth grazing them. I closed my eyes as the sensations slowly slithered through my body like honey pooling at my pussy. I had to quickly open my eyes because my mind immediately conjured the image of the various positions he twisted my body in. I wanted to leave. I wish I had driven myself, but Kevin and I usually travelled to church together on Sundays.

He pretended as if all was good between us in front of everyone, but when we were alone he never spoke to me and I was good with not speaking to him. He was so good at being a charismatic hypocrite, while I preferred a short greeting and to keep it moving. Unless somebody really needed my help, I wasn’t into small talk.

People gathered around us after church ended; the usual meeting and greeting coupled with the fake smiles on my part.

“Tia Maria!” My aunt Marcia shouted from across the pews. I loved my Aunt Marcia and her husband uncle Ian. After my mother passed away when I was 15, they raised me. She and my mom were really close and they looked so much alike, I was often mistaken for her biological daughter because I also looked like my mother.

“Aunty Marcy! You came!” A big smile crossed my lips as she approached me. She was impeccably dressed as usual. Her graying curly hair much like mine was slicked back in a perfect bun at her nape and her navy suit clung to her curves. My aunt was 60, but could easily be mistake for 40 or younger. She kept her body toned and in the best of shape. We were so much alike sometimes, I wondered if she was my real mother.

She got to me and engulfed me in a huge hug. Drawing my body close to hers. My muscles and the other sore portions of my body protested pretty loudly. It was only for the sake of decorum and pride did I not gasp at the discomfort.

“Look at my beautiful babygirl! Gal you favor you modda so till!” She said holding my face between her hands. “Of course I came! We had a deal right? You would have Sunday dinner with us today and I would come to church.”

Damn! I forgot about that! My aunt wanted me to spend Sunday afternoon with her and my uncle. There was no escaping this time, I had run out of excuses. I had invited her to church and told her that if she committed to coming, I would spend the rest of the day with her. She was always complaining that I didn’t spend enough time with her and she wasn’t getting any younger and I told her she didn’t attend church like she should.

“Where’s uncle Ian?” I said straining to look behind her through the throng of people.

“Him have guest sah. He’s entertaining. So you know I have to rush home and finish up dinner. He says his guest is also a surprise for me too. Mi excited!”

I could feel her excitement.My aunt and uncle were the most loving couple I knew. Even at their age their sex life was way better than mine. My aunt spoke openly about their sex life, it made me so jealous and even embarrassed. My old aunty was seeing more action than I was.

“Ok, let me ask Kevin.”

“Ask? You mean you will inform him. Either he’s coming with you, or you’re coming alone.” Aunt Marcy said seriously looking into my eyes.

“T, is everything ok with you guys?” she asked perceptively. I couldn’t hide anything from her she knew me too well. She probably saw my puffy eyes.

“Yes, aunty, everything good. Just got a lot going on at work.”

“Hmm,” she continued staring at me but instead of saying anything else, she shook her head. I guess she decided there was no point commenting. I wasn’t happy. I just couldn’t hide it.

“I’ll see you later, Aunty.” I hugged her again. “I love you.”

“I love you more, babygirl”. She kissed my cheek and prodded through the throng of people exiting the church.

I waited until Kevin had finished talking to the members and I approached him.

“I’m ready to go home now. I’m spending the rest of the day with Aunty Marcy. You are welcome to join.”

“Tia, you know we have prison ministry before night service on Sundays,” he said.

“I’m not asking you to come, I’m informing you that I need to go home, get changed and get going.” I was physically and emotionally tired after the night I had. I didn’t want to argue.

“I thought you would lead the praise team tonight. I told them you would.”

“I’m going to spend the rest of the day with my aunt and uncle,” I repeated with finality staring into his dark eyes. Eyes that had grown cold and distant as the years went by. We were like two ships passing each other daily. We were the same age 38, but he looked so much older. I met him when we were young university students. At that time his uncle was the head of Emanuel Truth. Kevin invited me when we started dating and I eventually got involved in many of the activities. When his uncle died a few few years after we were married, Kevin was ordained pastor and new leader of the church.

“Ok, I’ll take you home.”

“Thank you.”

“Tia, I know you’re angry with me for whatever reason right now, but people have been talking that they haven’t been seeing you much at church.” He started talking as soon as we got into his car and he started the engine.

I continued to stare ahead of me without looking at him. I briefly considered not answering, but I decided that I needed to. “Where was I just now? You and ‘people’ do realize that I have a very demanding job and a life outside of church right?” The conscience attack I was having earlier suddenly vanished.

“People are talking, you say. Maybe I need to tell ‘people’ that I’m horny all the time because my husband refuses to cater to my needs.”

“My god! You are back with that?! Your flesh is going to send you to hell mark my words!” His tone changed taking on an edge. He obviously didn’t like talking about this.

“Since I’m going to hell I may as well enjoy the ride down. Mek sure me nu buck yu dung deh Jesus Christ of Emanuel Truth!” I shouted with all the sarcasm I could muster.

“You don’t kiss me, you don’t touch me, you don’t buy me gifts, you do nothing at all! Yet you want to dictate what I do with my time! A who yu man?!” The car pulled into our drive way and before it came to a complete stop I flung the door open and stomped out. I was so angry! Of course my sore muscles and pussy reminded me that there was someone out there who, though an asshole, knew exactly what to do to cater to my needs and then some! Somebody who proved to me that what I’ve been experiencing all these years was less than mediocre. What would have happened if I had had the opportunity to stay longer? Probably my ass would have to stay put in bed. He was so gentle and I’m so sore, what if he had fucked me? For some reason that sent a sweet shiver though my body.

He didn’t come into the house, he immediately turned and drove away. I was glad I could be free to move gingerly and to take off my clothes without fear of him barging into my room. I showered and got dressed in an army print thigh length skirt and high neck frilly blouse with sandals. I decided not to wear panties because I felt super sexy and fearless and my very sore pussy needed to be free to breathe. My hair lost the straightening it got yesterday at the spa and was back to its natural curl pattern. After last night’s tousling it had needed a good washing. The jet black curls hung down my back and a headband held it away from my face.

When I pulled up into the driveway of my aunt’s house I saw a black Porsche SUV in the driveway. I thought maybe uncle Ian got himself a new toy. He loved luxury cars. I pulled up and parked into my usual spot, admiring the sleekness and the flat black paintbox of the Porsche. I even ran my fingers against the side.

I let myself through the front door and the familiar atmosphere hit. This was my home.

“Guys I’m here!” I called out. But the house was empty. I could hear loud talking and laughing on the patio.

“Aunty Marce, Uncle Ia...”. I didn’t finish his name as I saw they had company. I forgot aunt Marcy told me, uncle Ian had a guest. My eyes landed on the tall figure with melted caramel skin tone and eyes so brown and deep they were like pools of quick sand. His lips…my eyes were immediately drawn to them. They were thick and sexy. His hair was cut low and lined to perfection with long faded sideburns.

“Hey Tia Maria!” My uncle shouted excitedly, using the name they gave me as a baby. “Come here baby girl”. I walked to him and he enveloped me in a bear hug lifting me off the ground like he always did. He was giant of a man at 6 feet 3 inches. My sore body cried but I couldn’t show it; I smiled and kissed his bearded cheek. I chose not look at the guest, I think he was staring at me and it made me a little self conscious. I hope nobody saw how gingerly I was moving. I reached across the table and started pouring myself some homemade fruitpunch. Wait, was that a hint of Versace? No way.

“T, this is Dr. Neil Gardener. He’s a renowned Sexologist.” Aunty Marcy was saying.

“What?” I looked up at my aunt then at mr. brown eyes confusion all over my face as I continued pouring. ‘No bombo raasclaat way!’ Was all my mind could register.

“Tia!” Uncle Ian’s voice brought me back and I realized my glass was overflowing.

“Oh shoot! I’m sorry.” I grabbed the napkin and started dabbing furiously at the table. I was so embarrassed my face was flushed.

“That’s ok baby, I’ll get it.” Aunt Marcy started cleaning the spillage and I straightened and really looked at him for the first time. He was gorgeous. And he was smiling. This fucker knew it was me all along! Was he stalking me?! I bet he found the entire thing funny. Ass!

“It’s nice to meet you, Tia” his voice was the same deep baritone that whispered those things in my ear.

“Nice to meet you too, Dr. Gardener”. I extended my left had and he took it inconspicuously running his thumb over the princess cut diamond. I drew my hand from his grasp as if his touch burned.

“Just Neil is fine,” he said, that small knowing smile still on his lips.

I quickly took a sip of my fruit punch so I didn’t have to respond.

“Dr. Neil a mi brethren T. Him keep some wicked party weh me and Marcy go every now and again”

My eyes widened and I sputtered and started coughing wildly. What the fuck?! My heart was in my throat and this fucker was hiding his snicker.

“Are you ok, child?” Aunt Marcy asked eyeing me.

“Yea...wrong throat.” I tried to calm myself and put on a mask. “What kind of parties uncle?” I asked feigning interest.

“I don’t think she would be interested Ian. She’s the minister’s wife right? My parties are not for someone like her.” Neil said calmly looking me dead in the eyes, that small smile still on his lips. I wanted to smack him so bad.

“Ministers’ wives go to parties, too,” I said looking back at him; but the image of his mouth on my breast came unbidden into my mind’s eye.

“Orgy parties,” uncle Ian blurted smiling. I swear I was going to pass out from embarrassment. “Yow dem party deh a di real deal yow! You know we affi keep things fresh, Tia Maria.” He slapped aunt Marcy on her bottom and she shrieked like a school girl and went in to the house. I couldn’t help the pang of jealousy. I wanted that. I guess I was a lot like my aunt and uncle. After all, they did raise me. I was used to seeing them all over each other, whether in public or behind closed doors; and that’s what I wanted for myself.

“Uncle Ian, do you really need to be telling me this? It’s not enough that I have to watch you guys go at it every time I’m here?” I said pretending as if I was disgusted.

“You and Yu man need some a dem party deh inna uuno life. Mi cyah understand how fi married people uuno so cold toward each other. Maybe Neil need fi do an intervention fi uuno,” Ian said seriously.

“No thank you. We’re fine.” I said quickly.

“Are you?” That deep voice asked quietly. It was so quiet, I don’t know if uncle Ian heard, but I pretended not to.

“Fine mi raas! People who nah have regular sex cyah gi dem parents grand pickni.”

Now I was fully embarrassed. I’m so sure my face was as read as the love marks on my chest and shoulder.

“Uncle! Jeez!” I admonished.

“Fine. But mi jus a say!”

“So when was the last time you been to any of these parties?” I tried to sound as causal as I could taking another sip of fruit punch.

“Last night we go one! Fucking sick!” This time I outright choked. I could not breathe. I was hyperventilating. This was proving to be way too much to bare, and this raashole man was actually laughing, enjoying my discomfort.

“Is wah happen to yu every minute so?”

“You’re scaring your very Christian niece, Ian” Neil said calmly, but he was still wearing that smirk.

“A wah you a talk bout, Neil? She use to it! We neva hide things from her. Since she married mi nuh know wah fly inna har head.” Uncle Ian was serious. We always ended up discussing my sex life in some way or form when I went there to visit.

“Ian leave her alone!” Aunt Marcy came back in time to save my face from bursting into the color of a ripe persimmon. “Dinner is ready. Let’s take this conversation to the dining room, shall we?”

My issue was not the ribbing about my boring sex life; my issue began and ended with the fact that it was entirely possible that we were all at the same party. The possibility was quite real that they could hear my screams. Yes, there were a lot of people but I was really loud. Fuck! I was going straight to hell. I needed alcohol! Lots of it!

We entered the large dining room and uncle Ian took his seat at the head of the table and aunt Marcy sat to his right in her usual spot, my spot was always at uncle Ian’s left. When I was about to pull out my chair, Neil held onto the back of the chair pulling it out and offering it to me. God he smelled so good! He was making me wet with his closeness, never mind his gentlemanly behavior.

“Thank you,” I mumbled politely.

“You’re welcome, princess,” that last part was said so softly, I was the only one who heard him. As soon as I sat I reached over for the bottle of red wine and poured myself a glass. I didn’t want food, I needed the alcohol, I wish there was something stronger at the table. I gulped my glass in one shot and poured another.

“Hey hey! Go easy. Remember you have to drive,” Aunty Marcy reprimanded when I was halfway through the second glass.

“Yes ma’am.” I would have done anything not to look to my left. He was as close to me now as he was last night. Our legs brushed and I tried to scoot away but he followed me. Halfway through the second course, I felt a warm hand on my legs. It moved ever so lightly down to my knees and up my skirt brushing the inside of my thighs. I gasped a small sound. To mask it, I grabbed my wine glass and brought it to my lips. How do I ask him to stop without them knowing? Did I even want him to stop? I should close my legs, but the sensations were too much and I felt a bit light headed from all the wine. The memories of how he touched me last night came flooding back and when he applied a bit of pressure to my thigh I shifted and opened them causing my already short skirt to inch higher.

“Your home is beautiful Marcia,” he said casually to my aunt as his fingers dallied on the sensitive inside spot of my thighs.

“Thank you Neil! You should call me Marcy. It’s a real pleasure having you here. Your homes are beautiful, especially your gardens! You should host one of the parties in the gardens. That would be romantic.”

“Yes, I’ve been considering that.” His fingers got higher. “I would need to make sure the weather is perfect, not too damp.” His fingers touched my pussy lightly when he said damp and I heard his slightly indrawn breath at my nakedness. I shifted a bit to stop the moan that wanted to escape my lips. “Or wet.” He continued looking directly at my aunt while his fingers drove me wild flicking at my sensitive bud.

“Yea wet grass would be uncomfortable if not downright troublesome,” she continued.

“Actually wet would be good, now that I’m thinking about it.” One finger slipped inside my wet pussy. I was slippery wet. He cocked his head to the side pretending to think.

“How so?” Aunty asked.

“Well for starters, It could be a pool party on a warm night and people could have a dip..” his finger dove in and back out. I bit my lips. “…in the pool or jacuzzi and then make love on the grass. With your body in heat…” In and out his finger went. “You wouldn’t realize where you’re being pleasured.” In and out. “Am I right, Ian?” He asked bringing my uncle in on the conversation.

“I agree. Nobody nu really care where dem a get it as long as dem a get the fire quenched.” Uncle Ian chimed.

“Indeed, the body doesn’t notice where it is until after it gets the fulfillment it requires. Only then is it able to connect again with the mind in order to form cohesive thoughts.” I was lost. I was fighting a losing battle trying to keep still, to control the clenching of my pussy walls and to keep quiet. I’ve never noticed the quality of the glasses at my aunt’s house until that moment as I clutched at the cold glass. Were it of a substandard quality, It would have splintered across the table. This man was sin personified.

I cleared my throat and took another sip of wine. I had to do something.

“T, I said you are drinking too much and you have to drive. What’s gotten into you?!” Aunty Marcy said looking at me. ‘It’s more like who’s gotten into me,’ I thought feeling wanton.

“Mek she drink Marce! Maybe she wi go home go get wild,” Uncle Ian said. There was just no filter with him. And there was the finger again causing sweet friction on my sore flesh. This was sinful, yet I felt no guilt at the pleasure that lanced through my body. This time he delved really deep, and I knew I could not control the clenching of my pussy muscles and the impending orgasm. I shot up quickly dislodging the wayward hand and finger.

“Excuse me,” I needed to allow my body the freedom to expel my juices and not on my aunt’s dining room chair. On my way rushing to the powder room I glimpsed him popping his finger into his mouth.

“This particular wine is superb, by the way. It pairs so well with the food. You’re an excellent cook Marcy!”

Oh my god this fucker did not just make me cum and lick it from his fingers in front of my parents! Yes, he fucking did and it was hot! So fucking hot! I couldn’t get to the powder room quickly enough before my pussy convulsed and my body started shaking. I bit my fist to stop the deep untethered moan that came from my core.

I had to stay away from him, but my body didn’t want to. I had to control these urges or I was going to be in some serious trouble with myself. I couldn’t get enough. I thought last night was enough, but I want more, so much more. I want what my aunt and uncle have. The ability to freely express my sexuality. The rest of the evening passed with me in a fog of post cum bliss. He kept his hand on my leg possessively as he spoke with my parents but he never ventured up my skirt. A part of me wanted him to because the adrenalin rush made the pleasure more intense. I continued to sip wine not heeding my aunt’s warning because I needed to do something to occupy myself. All this talk of sex and orgasms was sending me up and over a hill.

By the time I was ready to leave, it was already pass 10 p.m. and I felt a little tipsy. It was more so from being so horny than it was from the wine.

“I don’t want you driving in this condition. Now, I’m going to have to take you home.” It was almost a reprimand. I think my aunt was in a hurry to be wrapped in her husband’s arms. All that talk about the science of orgasms and sex put us all on edge; except Neil who looked so cool and collected.

“I’ll take her home. It’s no issue.” He said placing his hand at the small of my back. Who knew that your back could be a turn on spot? This man was making me wetter just from that simple contact.

“Are you sure?” Uncle asked.

“Yea, its no issue. You two go have some fun,” he said winking at them.

“Ok, baby. Love you,” they both took turns hugging and kissing me before Neil ushered me out.

“I’m not that drunk that I can’t drive myself home. You don’t need to take me home. She won’t know if I drove home by myself. I’m sure they’re already undressing each other.” I said when I was settled in the passenger seat of the Porsche.

“You are in no condition to drive, princess. I watched you drink all those glasses of wine knowing full well I will have to take you home. And let me be honest with you, the only place I’m taking you right now is pan mi cocky.”I gasped at his brazenness, though I don’t know why. It wasn’t as if that wasn’t exactly where I wanted to be.

“No fucking panty?! You have no idea what ironclad self control is until you see a man affi restrain himself the way I’ve had to do today. It took every ounce of willpower and respect for your parents to stop myself from dragging you into a corner and bending you over.” His muscles flexed as he maneuvered the SUV out of the driveway and sped down the road.

Fuck, that was hot! I couldn’t respond, all I could do was stare at him my breathing getting more and more shallow. He pulled off the road, shifted the gear in park, turned off the ignition and adjusted his seat allowing for more leg room.

“I can’t wait! Come here!” He literally lifted me from the passenger seat and unto his lap straddling him. His mouth was on mine sucking and nipping as he lifted my skirt and pooled it around my waist exposing my bare bottom. He squeezed the cheeks groaning at how well they filled his large hands.

“What idiot could have you and not want to touch you?! I am breaking a cardinal rule by touching you at all and I really don’t give a fuck!” He eased my bottom off his crotch and fumbled with his belt and zipper, finally freeing his dick.

“Slide down pan him, baby.” Like the perfect sex slave, I slowly slid down his shaft, groaning as my pussy walls expanded to take him all in. “Bomboclaaaaat,” he breathed against my lips. “Don’t blame me if me cum quick, yu pussy sweet nu raasclaat.”

“I don’t care if you cum, jus wet it up fi me! Mi nu wah yu stop wet it up,” I spoke against his lips and again, he seemed to be fueled by my words. He held my hips and supported me as I rocked back and forth on his cock.

“Talk to me baby.” He said harshly. “Mi love when you talk to me while me up inna yu.”

“You wah me tell you how much me cyah get enough a yu?! Mi cyah fucking get enough a yu! Yu make me doubly thirsty. Don’t leave da pussy ya please!” My eyes rolled back as pleasure swept through my body like molten lava.

“Remember you say that cause me hook pan yu pussy like a fucking crackhead.” He had full control of my hips moving me in all direction. It was both arousing and satisfying. The soreness was well forgotten as the pleasure of climax after climax claimed my body. Like Jack an Jill who tumbled down the hill, his climax was loud and overpowering and I came tumbling after equally sated.

I lay on his chest intoxicated by wine and post-cum bliss, my eyes were half closed barely seeing the lights over the city. My limbs were heavy and I didn’t want to leave the warmth of his body.

“I’m not taking you home, Tia. I’m taking you with me.” He said softly, kissing my hair.

“Hmm” was all I could manage before my eyes drifted fully closed.

My eyes fluttered open to the brightness of the morning sun. My lids were so heavy. I was naked and my body felt heavy too. There was a weight on my body. I had no idea where I was. When I could finally get my eyes fully open, I could see his body snuggled halfway on mine and halfway on the bed, his arm and leg lay possessively over me trapping me. I couldn’t move and my head hurt. What happened?...


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Another installment, looks like this is the last one of this series, at least based off of the ending. You'll have to make a Patois pun on 50 Shades of Grey soon, I don't even know how you remain this prolific. Your imagination is incredible.

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@JustinParke thank you! 😂 It's actually not finished yet, I still have a few more parts to go. I’ve always had an overactive imagination I’m just now putting it to use😂😉

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