100% Blue Mountain Coffee ☕️ / Japan Manners + 3 Reggae Tunes 4 your Playlist

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The other day I brought some blue mountain coffee into work, share the wealth right? Especially when that wealth comes free in the form of a prize. Another one from the gift basket that keeps on giving.

Giving can be complicated in Japan

So I brought the package of Blue Mountain into work, it wasn't enough for everyone so I made a pot ( is that what they call it?) full and just said "anyone want some Blue Mountain coffee? Go for it". Now, some (few) co-workers went ahead and took a cup but most were hesitant unless I actually went up to them and said "hey, won't you have some coffee?"

In Jamaica it would be a different story, before I even think to offer, people would be coming with their cups 😆 ( if they are about that coffee life). It is always interesting to see the cultural differences.

There was some more coffee left back in the package after I made the pot full, and I told the Kojo, to use it freely..... That doesn't really work in Japan. So a few days after I made another pot because I know, no one will touch it even though I said "Use it freely". Giving can be complicated in Japan, but the rule is, actually GIVE them and put it in their hand and let them know it is theirs. 💀


About the Coffee

So I guess I should talk about the coffee? Fluff it up a bit? Well it was a 4 once package from a brand called Island Blue. For those of you who don't know, there are many Blue Mountain Coffee brands, but they can only use the name "Blue Mountain" if they are certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica and each package has to have that seal of approval on it. A bag this size from Island Blue can run you around $23.


What I like about most Blue Mountain coffee brands is the crocus bag packaging they use. It looks really unique compared to other coffees around the world. Most are hand sewn... well using machines to lock in the sealed the inner package. The package inside the crocus bag is a vacuumed sealed aluminum looking material.

Just looking at the grounded coffee compared to what was in the office you could see the difference. The Blue Mountain has a brown hue while the regular stuff was a bit darker. The smell is also stronger.

So what makes BMC different

To me, the smoothness and citrusy taste is what differentiates BMC from other coffees. I find that some coffees will give an acidic feeling on the stomach at times but not BMC ( the smoothness ). It also doesn't taste as bitter as a lot of the coffees I have had over the years. BMC is great served black as the hints of fruitiness is all the sweet you need.



The best way to drink BMC

The best BMC I ever had has when the green beans were actually roasted on the spot and brewed. It is a blissful experience to taste BMC in that state or any coffee for that matter. This is where the true taste of the coffee can be experienced because once roasted and packaged, it loses some of its flavor. So do yourself a favor and take a trip to Jamaica, climb the Blue Mountains and have a cup of freshly made coffee.


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Funny, I 've only had a cup of Blue Mountain coffee twice in my life, mostly because the price was a big deterrent. However, the cups I did haver were delicious and similar in flavor to what you've described.

The gift-giving culture in Cambodia is very similar, but the war and genocide have made them a different people. Example: If I tried to gift a Cambodian friend with a new pair of flip-flops, they would likely refuse this extreme act of kindness until I literally forced it upon them.

Now, should my neighbor be without his/her flip-flops, and need to run in town to get some groceries, they might very well borrow your shoes from outside your door without asking. Countless times I've gotten dressed up, opened the door and realized I was shoeless until one of my neighbors returned home. Strangely, I miss these social interactions from here in Suriname, where we are lucky to have a conversation with someone outside the home once or twice a month.

My eyes are on I-thiopia now, where the coffee game began.

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Hahaha that's crazy man! Walk in your shoes without even asking, sound like the countryside long time Jamaica but in a sense it's like the perception is "things age things and it belongs to no one".

Twice a month to rass, eveybody in them own works. Does corona have something to do with that?

You know I've never tried Ethiopian coffee. I should though. I see you have a new reasoning video. Gonna tek it een over this weekend and see what's up. Ethiopia 🇪🇹 seems like it calling you name.

What's up man I'm wondering if they got that kind of coffee here or if I got to order it online probably from where I'm at I got to try it out probably could get it at sams club here in the city. I got a ask you on a side note how can I start a site like you did with reggaejahm and create my token who should I go to? I've been putting you guys on my posts and since you were the first ones to see me I would love to support you guys I've got a part in my discord for Reggaejahm too since we're on the same thing get back with me you can check out my discord here https://discord.gg/BRCxzkCn hit me up

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Hey bro! You are in the states right? Amazon has everything!

I replied to you about the tribes and in another comment. The guys you should talk to are @aggroed and @eonwarped .

Send the discord invite. That link was just to discord it seems. Let’s do a voice chat.

https://discord.gg/Fdz26Px3jF hit me up man I would love to chat

Let me know if the link works

 last month 

Keeps sending just into discord not your server. Did you go into settings and click the invite ?


Oh wow... So the coffee plantations or coffee agriculture is still thriving in Jamaica? In Suriname it dwindled down, as more and more people are moving away from agriculture. Which is sad really, because we do have the fertile soil.

The cultural differences seem so familiar. My Asian grandparents are just like that, you need to serve it to them and they don't go in your fridge even if you tell them "feel at home"... In Suriname there are also people (ethnicity doesn't matter) who also don't accept food, drinks, clothes, etc. from some people, because they don't trust the energy of others or don't know the energy people have, who want to gift them stuff.

While I can see where they are coming from, I'm regarding that Western I think 😅

 last month 

In Suriname there are also people (ethnicity doesn't matter) who also don't accept food, drinks, clothes, etc. from some people, because they don't trust the energy of others or don't know the energy people have

Interesting, I feel the same way sometimes. That why I don't like the idea of buying secondhand clothes.

All in all it is a humble habit that actually

Haha you are quite the melting pot of races.

Yes we are and we should do more to promote it hihi

I also don't buy secondhand clothes, but I have so much in my closet from other people that I might as well have bought them second hand hihi
I should be more careful though.

This is funny, on of my buddies I work work got married in Jamaica and he talked about how he fell in love with blue mountain coffee.

I do t know what brand they get but I think they still order it from time to time.

But yeah looks the hype on this one is one is real.

 last month 

Yeah man this coffee is really different , at first taste it is like some regular coffee but then when you taste regular stuff again, you realize the difference. Still over priced IMO but hey, gotta give it the prestige it deserves.

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This coffee is exclusive, it is another level. The ripening of the fruit is complete in the plant, that is why it does not give the sensation of acidity in the stomach, normally the acidity is due to the presence of some green beans.

 last month 

Ok so the berries being picked at the right time is a major key. I realize with a lot of the coffees, especially instant, they have a lot of acidity, maybe they add preservatives as well.

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Yeah, it has a lot to do with the selection of the beans, including the height of sowing. You are right, preservatives are added to instant coffee and that lowers the quality and can produce acidity.

I understand. Some years ago, I brought some for my co-worker. I asked one of the teachers I was closer to to help me make and distribute it. That made it easier but they told me it had a much stronger taste than the BMC they’ve bought in Japan. Hoping that meant they liked it. Haha! 😆

 last month 

Yeah it can be a trip giving gifts in the work setting here. Bu it goes a far way.

HAHAH yeah man no water down, what them getting here is supposed to be the best but you never know.

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Yeah, really goes a far way. 😃

Ha ha ha ha too funny.

I was shouting out Blue Mountain coffee today on my live stream.

Absolutely nothing better! I love Vietnamese coffee too, but nothing comes close...Blue Mountain for the win...

 last month 

Dude I admire your consistency with those streams.

You gotta try he freshly roasted if you haven't. The greens beens may be available in Canada. it is out of this world.

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It's an addiction LOL

Not the coffee....The live streams LOL

Man, they didn't know what kind of coffee you was offering them!🤗
Other people fly around the world for the 100% Blue Mountain from Jamaica!
Mild on the fade out,isn't it?
Low acidity...hmmm 😋

 last month 

Bwoi a just the culture and the humbleness. Gotta respect it though. Yo, mi cyaah wait to climb Blue Mountain and get the freshaz.

Not sure if I answered your question about joining the beatstar publishing. But I didn't, not yet at least as I wanna research it more. But the tabs are on my browser open. 😄

Yes, i heard of a luxury hotel right in the blue mountains or close to it...need to experience this 😉
Gotta "scan"/check beatstar one day when i find time...

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Dear @dmilliz Coffee is increasingly consumed in the world.

 last month 

Indeed! It’s not a bad business to be in. The number one drink in the world after water. Keep on being great man, like how you are always organized and persistent.

Hi @dmilliz

I must admit that there was a time when I wanted to get involved into coffee business. But then I figured out that this market is huge, but also very competitive. Luckily for me I decided to stay away and I didn't invest any money into that idea.

Keep on being great man, like how you are always organized and persistent.
Thank you for your kind and encouraging words buddy.

I would like to take this opportunity and invite you to my recent post (celebrating my 3rd anniversary on hive chain with some special initiative). I would appreciate if you could consider reposting it - so I could reach out wider audience.

Stay safe and have a great weekend,
Yours, Piotr