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Bikes! I think many boys as teens wanted one. The rich youths in Kingston were sometimes gifted a bike at a young age, wether it be a dirt bike or ATV to use off road. This is where I learnt the basics of riding, from taking a borrows 😂. It was fun times, especially in the summer, we took turns riding the 2 ATVs in the neighborhood and sometimes XRs or YZR dirt bikes would roll through. I remember we made a rule to stay within neighborhood, but one day I broke the rule and took it to the streets 😂 from there everyone started doing it.

The bike of my dreams as a teen was a Ducati 916, a very sexy beast. I’ve only ever ridden a super bike once and it was extremely fast. I think it was a CBR 900 R. Other than that I’ve ridden dirt bikes, ATVs and scooters. So not a world of experience but I know I can handle these machines.

This Harley right here belongs to my father in law who bought it as a gift for himself, men and their toys yeah? I could be riding
this bad boy but the only problem is I need to get a bike license for Japan. That will run me around $2,500 as I’d have to take some lessons and a test. It might be worth it though, I think this bike fits me 😝

Here is a video by Alpha Blondy called Whole lot of love in which we can see a nice Harley link up going on. Alpha Blondy is a fascinating reggae musician not known by many, but once you hear him, you are hooked.



Yeah I should have used my son for the cover pic right ?


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First, your son is absolutely adorable, and if he was in every picture that would be just fine with me!

Second, I think I might not have been so ridiculously and overwhelmingly afraid of travel in Jamaica when I was there if I would have been on the back of a bike instead of in a car. I am not generally someone who is afraid of anything, and I certainly don't have problems with anxiety or panic attacks. However, the time I spent in cars in Jamaica was one of the absolutely most panic-inducing, fearful things I have ever experienced! I literally would have to close my eyes to calm myself, and remind myself everyone drove like that all the time, and I was going to be fine. It was crazy for sure, and everywhere too ~ from Mo Bay to Nigril to the mountains inland and everywhere between, not just in one area. We even went in reverse through part of the roads to get to Mayfield Falls (40-50 kph too, not slow), cause the little car was having transmission troubles. I learned that day I wasn't actually fearless!!! But on a motorcycle, seems like it would make a lot of sense and make travel much easier and less stressful, especially with how little room there is on a lot of the roads for cars to pass each other.

I say go for it if you can afford the license, you would probably love running around Japan on a Harley ~ and maybe eventually a Ducati!! Besides, it will make for some fun memories with you and your wife on date nights!

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Thank you ! He is a cute little monster, very opinionated 😆

Oh my, yes driving / being driven in Jamaica can be a very nerve wrecking experience. Especially the taxi 🚖 drivers
hustlin against time. The bus drivers too. That is one thing I don’t miss about Jamaica.

I don’t think the motorcycle would have been any different 😂

I will definitely look into it and see what exactly it would entail. Hmmm yeah the date nights would definitely be interesting with a bike. You know come to think of it, I doubt my mother in law will ever get in that bike... my wife... maybe... but I guess I can always meet her at the spot 😆

Yeah it was really a fun moments when we borrow others bike to learn riding 😄😄
By the way your son is looking like a cool rider😄😍

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Yes man! Boys will be boys and we love our toys. Thanks man, I will make sure he gets some riding lessons from young.

I've seen better Harleys here in Japan than in the states. The Japanese really appreciate their bikes. Although, the customer bikes in the US are far superior.

My wife is getting her car license right now and it's a goddamn nightmare. Even though she had her US license for 10 years, she didn't renew it and it expired just as we came back to Japan. They really don't want you driving/riding here.

You could always soup up a 50CC!

 9 days ago 

Yeah man they have some cool Harleys here. But I think hardcore Harley riders would consider this a baby.

Getting a license here if you already have one from your home country can be a hassle ( if you aren't from the countries that have agreements) but with an expired license, I can imagine how much more difficult it must be.

Oh man those 50ccs, I love them. I used to have one a couple years ago. I saved so much on gas. It has transformed thrice since then 😂


Haha...the Jamaican Baby Samurai looks sweet!😍
Nice Harley, even though i would prefer a Ducati.
But i only have some experience on some scooters..😂

The bike license cost as much as the car license? Wow! So why yuh break di rule Bredda?

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Alpha Blondy is quite popular here in Suriname and this tune really goes with the dream of driving such a bike through states.

I would also like a Harley if I could, but the only motorbikes I've driven were a Yamaha; like in the picture below; and a scooter😅:


Yeah I should have used my son for the cover pic right ?

Lol. Hindsight is 2020.

Wow, that is a really cool looking HD bike. 🏍️

$2,500 for a moto license, only in Japan!! I have rarely spent more than that on the actual bike. Japan always taking things to serious.

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