Autumn 🍂 leaves & the cycle of life. #APART

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If you look closely you can see three pet bottles

The look and feel of autumn 🍂 is in the air. The breeze was blowing like crazy as I stepped out the door and looked out. So windy there were leaves and sand blowing everywhere. The dry season has begun in Japan.

Being from the islands, seeing these leaves 🍁 change colour is always a sight to behold. ( even for those born in coureurs with 4 seasons). But there is also a melancholic vibe it brings. It reminds me of the frailty of life and just like how the leaves change colour and wither , then fall off the tree, so shall we fall for this realm.

And in the spring a new generation shall enjoy their time in the sunshine. But the fallen leaves play a vital role in strengthening tree 🌲 and giving it, its life line through photosynthesis. And even on the ground, withered-rotted, play a role in making the soil rich. So one generation helps build and strengthen the foundation for the next.


These days when I see the 🍂 coming in I can’t help but think of Damion Marley’s song “Autumn Leaves” off his Stony Hill album released 2-3 years ago. I’m not usually one to buy albums, I’m more of a streamer/listen it it on YouTube. But this was an album I had to get. The Grammy winning album is well worth it and this song really showcases why Damion won the best Reggae album that year.


Life is full of ups and downs
The carousels of love
Good times, bad times, smiles, and frowns
Don’t give up on me
Don't give up on me

Very simple but profound lyrics on the chorus that will last for eternity.

You can relate it to your life in ways I can imagine but now I’ll relate it to reggaejahm and say, don’t give up on Reggaejahm , we are a microscopic community for reggae and Caribbean lovers on a blockchain where there aren’t many reggae lovers. From the start we knew this, but we were thinking beyond the Horizon. It would have been easier to create a generic blogging site with all kinds of content. But what difference would that make?

There were ups, there were downs, smile and fronds. Many here may not even care about reggae but just another coin to add to their blog tag to potentially earn more hive. Some don’t even comment on another post in the community but it’s the attitude that plagues a chain built for gain. But still don’t give up on Reggaejahm and of course HIVE in general.

Some are only here to gain and make a difference in their life, others are here to make a difference in the world, which will naturally make a difference in the abundance that flows through their lives . Which one are you ?


Autumn Leaves 🍁 Damion Marley

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