Beres Hammond ft. Wickerman - Mi Deyah Again

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I am really glad I came across the track with Beres Hammond ft Wickerman called Mi Deyah Again.

The track has an old school roots/lovers rock feel to it with an uptempo pace that just gives a feel good vibe. Wickerman and Beres are two foundation artistes that have lasted the test of musical time and seem to have extended their prime. What I like about the video is that it adds the element of the current dancehall in the mix as one can see the latest dance moves as well as some of the top dancers in the space.

The track was produced and recorded by Beres Hammond at his studio in Stony Hill, Jamaica, which they make evident at the start of the video.

Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 10.26.29 PM.png

Mi Deh Yah again, means "I am here again", talking about stepping back out into the streets and the parties after months of lockdown and sharing the good vibes. This is the type of track I think anyone can bounce to and I am sure it will be a favorite at parties and for those just cruising in the streets, declaring "Mi Deh Yah Again".

Mi Deyah Again celebrates the good vibes and positive energy many are ready to share. As Beres says, “Though we haven’t seen each other face to face, we are ready for a real-life embrace.”

Wickerman adds, “People have been through a lot, and we just want to lighten the vibes.”

Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Listen below and tell me what you think in the comments.


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@tipu curate

 10 days ago 

Bless Up!

I didn't think I will like this as much as I did, I love the vibe and feel of the song especially the chorus.

 12 days ago 

I thought the same but then that bounce got me. Was holding out to watch it since Xmas.

It is an amazing jam, onto my Spotify it goes.

Good vibes keep on coming through this track :D
Also enjoy watching the videoclip and Beres Hammonds voice is still gold!