Freeness , You gotta love it! #DashOutSunday

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Bless up!!!

What a weekend it was. I had the honor of going to a professional basketball game for free as my friend got some tickets from his job. If it wasn’t for the freeness those tickets would cost around $24 x 4. So yeah, give thanks for freeness and friends that make it possible. But the thing about “freeness” is you gotta pay it forward ( message ).

It was really interesting to see a game like this, though I’ve never been to the NBA live, I could feel that vibe. All the foreign players on the court added to that as well. Even the coaches did the same pacing and shouting. And they even pat each other on the ass when they switched players shrug 🤷🏾‍♂️ I never got that.


My twins were being such attention grabbing dicks that some person with authority came up to us and said “your boys are grabbing too much attention”. In Japan that basically means “could you please leave?”. The game was just about finished anyway so I left. Man kids can really cramp your style 😤. It’s all good though, I’m glad they got to experience the game.


Banana Chips Testing

So this is where the DashOut begins food wise. My bredrin that makes the chips sent me some samples of new flavors he’s working on. They were:

  • Jerk
  • Black pepper
  • ... some other pepper.

The jerk seasoning flavor was wicked, it lingered and creeped like the real jerk. The only thing missing was the Smokey taste. If he can get that smokiness then it’s diamond, right now it’s gold. My wife likes the black pepper, it was good too but I prefer the jerk... that could be the Jamaican bias. Yes I, Give thanks for being in the flow and in the know. And testing out dem new chips. ✨Freeness✨


Free Fruits again from a Popo friend

Not many foreigners in Japan can say they personally know a 5-0. But I knew this dude years back before he entered the force. It’s funny when he asks me, “So any bad guys around or happenings you wanna let me know about?” 😂 Jamaicans are 🙉🙈🙊.

I saw him at the park on Sunday ( yes, I’m always at the fucking park) and he was telling me about the “fire stater” trend. People lighting up abandon homes. So I asked, “when that happens, a lot of the force is on site right?” To me, there is probably something else going on, light the fire, lead the feds there, then execute the real mission 🤔.

But yeah long story short he said stop by for some tangerines 🍊. Haven’t been to this dude place in years. But I just did a drive by 🚘.

Another fruit freeness for the season! Yeah man! Give thanks 🙏. At the rate this world is going its best to get them barter skills up, it might save your life, or just some💰.

Bless up unu self. Mi gone a mi bomboclaaat bed, just done ✅ translating some product descriptions and trying out HivePay while listening to some 90s Dancehall ( while glimpsing BTC HIT 17k. 🌙 😴





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Lol yea man the little ones get antsy after a while. Wish I could attend a ball game but all thats on hold where I'm at.

 4 days ago 

Trust and when it's twins they feed off each other's antsiness. Japan is a strange case, business as usual. They even ha e campaigns like "go to travel" and "go to eat" where you get cash back.... but that could all end soon as the cases rising like BTC ok the charts.

Are those plantain chips? Man, haven't had those in a while, I should also buy them. The last few times I only bought chips made from cassava.

How nice to have been invited to a pro-basketball game. Were there also cheerleaders?

Hey, what does "unu" mean? In our lingua franca Sranan Tongo (literally translated: Surinames Tongue) it means "you all". Just wondering if it meant the same

 8 days ago 

You know they are actually banana chips but the way the guy cuts them long it looks like plantain.

Yes there were cheerleaders, they even did a bit of Jamaican moves. They had men and women too, was gonna post a vid but it naaaah lol.

Yup, thatis exactly what it mean, Yall. Hmmm the lingua isn't so different.

Doesn't surprise me though; Sranan Tongo is a mixture of Spanish, English, Portuguese and some African dialects.

Hahaha well I would have enjoyed watching some cheer-leading, especially if they did some cool moves and tricks

 4 days ago 

It was alright, kinda new era cheerleading as even guys were involved ( guess that is why I didn't post it, 😂 more guys then gals) but here is a clip just for your viewing pleasure. Unlisted on YouTube.

Hahaha yeah I don't mind the more men than women cheerleading/dancing 😁
Not bad, not bad, but it's indeed different. Nothing sexy, just fun.

Thank you for sharing 😁

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Hello, such a friend, I hope you are great, for days I was about to comment to you, the starting photo attracted me and it said they will be squid but I already saw they are bananas, they look delicious I see you spent an excellent day with your family enjoying basketball greetings dear ..

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